10 Most Populated Countries





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Published on Sep 15, 2012

10 Most Populated Countries

As the world population climbs, find out which countries boast the biggest numbers.

Music = The Sound of LIfe 2 by Tom Quick and Sue Verran

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Comments • 3,550

Tony Tony Chopper
There are too many people here in the U.S., and, sadly, most of them are idiots.
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Rayyan Salman
Tony Tony chopper most of them are gold diggers
Taylor Martin
And roughly 70% of America's population growth is from immigration. We're filled up!
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Wilson Calle
those indian and chinesse people having children like a rabbit
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Sarah Thomas
Our soil is more precious than your's. Heard of arable land idiot?
Biman Das
Wilson Calle the Indian growth rate is lower than the international average.
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Nauman Ahmad
fuck if british would not have divided india (into pakistan, india and bangladesh) we would be the largest country a population of 1.6 billion !!! largest hindu country largest muslim country largest sikh country largest jains country largest atheist country but can we again become the same country where hindus, muslims and sikhs lived side by side for centuries???
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King Speedy
U fuck off pro indian,No one would like to live with popullated n polluted indains
Angiris Malthael
you need alexander the great
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Compare the size of Bangladesh with Russia and Bangladesh still has higher population. LOL.
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Sarah Thomas
Ever heard of arable land and good temperatures for humans to live in? Russia ain't one of those countries. LOL!
AR Akash
halfvolley11 i proud of my country bangladesh..fuck of russia
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Nocturnal Reveller
Out of these 10 countries, Pakistan is the biggest shithole. In fact it's the biggest shit hole of the entire planet.
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Sarah Thomas
It is foolish people who use these words to describe countries. Pakistan is a troublesome nation but it would not be so much if it were not for the British and other foreigners.
Az Plasma
Nocturnal Reveller India Is full of trash and rapists, accept it you cow piss drinker
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Pradia Ihza
Indonesia is the Largest Muslim population in the world and the fact is indonesia is not a muslim country but in indonesia islam, christian, Hindu and buddha live peacefully, pls trump dont ban Muslim to usa
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Taylor Martin
In Indonesia there is massive support for Shariah law and extremism is on the rise.
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Nel Rgdylwa
This proves that Asian dicks are more powerful than you thought.   
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Gnana Prakash
It depends on the field too.
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Don't you think Pakistan's map looks like dog? :D  #JustAsking
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Vijay Kumar
Tanvir:and your face looks like my grandma's ass,lol
Vedant Parte
hooria mir means you do shit in toilet like this!!!!!!!
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Among these Bangladesh is the densest, half of entire US population but smaller than the state of New York in terms of area.
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+Writban Alim worse part is that during rainy season and summer 1/3 of the country goes under water.
Writban Alim
Densities: Netherlands:1,259 Belgium: 889 Luxembourg: 475 Bangladesh: 2,850
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Asian People love to fuck... :D Im sorry. That was maybe racist ._."
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freeraid6 aka v sexinhell
Blitz Xtreme ok
Blitz Xtreme
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