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Published on Jun 13, 2012

Dr. Paul Kengor talks about his new book, The Communist, focusing on the mentor of President Barack Obama, Frank Marshall Davis.

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Frefrevega Vega
a fucking communist, i grew up in cuba, i know
Davis is Obama's real Father. His mom got knocked up by this pinko and gramps, being in the CIA, bribed a student visiting from Kenya to say he was the father of his daughter's child. Gramps did this b/c the Company would not take to kindly to the fact that his little girl was carrying the child of a card carrying Communist. So the lie was set in motion, and money and opportunities were bestowed upon the Kenyan for his part in the deception. A deception that didn't make much difference to anyone until, the Jr. started being groomed for public office by the Chicago Political Machine and one, Wm. Ayers Sr. Now it is our problem. B/c he went to school in the states on foreign aid, he was made to use his fake Kenyan heritage as a selling point, but it is a sham, he is the bastard son of a white chicky and a black pinko, that does not sell too well on the campaign trail, so once again, poor dead Obama Sr. was ripped off and made the sheep herder father of a future President. The 2nd greatest story ever sold.
If he was a communist then the Affordable Care Act would go against everything he believes in. Also, please research the difference between Marxism, utopian socialism, and communism. Very different ideas, none of which apply to Obama. I wish SOME of them did to be honest. Compared to nearly every other developed nation he is conservative.
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Why hasn't ANYONE ask 0bama what Franks last name is?
Go on line, and look at the form oil companies have to fill out to request for an off shore drilling permit. It should boggle your mind. Leases may have been offered, but how many on federal lands have been taken? The regulatory requirement is impossible to meet, they have to fill out a form that lists ALL possible problems and how they'd deal with them. The activity from oil that you talk about was in SPITE of Ovomit. Thats happening on privately owned land. Ovomit's just taking credit.
Steph Notell
He has cut taxes on small businesses. Can you name ONE regulation crushing business he has created? There are more active oil rigs in the U.S. now than in 2008 before he was elected and more in the U.S. this week than in the rest of the world combined(look up the Baker Hughes rig count and see for yourself) . Since he took office over 109 million acres of new leases have been offered in the Gulf of Mexico (look it up at the BOEM) . You obviously don't know what you are talking about.
He's destroying capitalism by creating crushing regulations and trying to raise taxes on all businesses. When he refers to taxing companies making over 250 thousand, he's actually talking about the average small business. He's trying to ruin the oil producing capabilities. He's already responsible for a large shut down of our offshore drilling and redistributing it to countries like Brazil.
Res Judicata
and America voted for this guy because...?
Shawn Boike
Its amazing how we can go so far along with his Presidency before we finally find this out.
He's certainly a robot. But, I think, it's naive to think he could be controlled by the GOP voters, even if they were not split. The people who will be controlling him will be the ones who pay for him, namely the corporate interests. Romney and Obama agree on more than they disagree on. Romney might for example roll back ObamaCare, but, even if he does that, he'll attack liberty in another way. For example, Bush provided a few tax-cuts, yet he destroyed civil liberties.
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