Troll Attacks CNN Reporter W. J. O'Reilly





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Uploaded on Jan 9, 2011

There is no free speech. There is no freedom of the press. Government trolls control the world. I hate to blame all the conspiracies on the CIA, FBI or Homeland security. However, if they are not blowing up buildings and killing people, these people are completely stupid and mentally retarded.

I mean the building blown up on Woodward Avenue, after consumer energy sent out an investigator two hours before the explosion, has to be a homeland security CIA operation. If not the FBI are just stupid retards. A few weeks before the explosion, I got a letter, like everyone else in the area, from consumers energy. The letter states that the gas pipelines are getting older and they need to raise rates to replace the old pipeline. Congress is not giving them the money or tax breaks to replace all the gas pipeline. So business in America, demands they blow up a building, kill a few people and get the funding to replace the gas pipeline. This is business as usual in America.

Even a Mafia hitman, that the FBI claimed killed 45 people, looked at the FBI as if they were stupid. Killing people in America, according to the Mafia hitman, is just business as usual. If the CIA, Homeland security and FBI are not behind these explosions and shootings, then they are just plain mentally retarded.

Even President Obama admits that we killed one and a half million Iraqis, to preserve our way of life. Not because they were attacking us. Not because they have weapons of mass distraction. But because our way of life demands we kill one and half million people, to get their oil and preserve our way of life. The gas company wants to preserve their way of life. The way to do that, is blow up buildings and kill people and make it look like an accident. Something they have learned from the government. That way they can get funding for new gas pipelines.

When people start to see through these conspiracies, the government sends out trolls, to attack those who ask too many questions. If this is not a CIA homeland security troll than the CIA is just a bunch of retards who cannot figure out who is really running this country.

At this link http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-53797... CNN reporter W.J. O Reilly asked, "Jared Lee Loughner as Manchurian Candidate Zombie Assassin?"

This totally mentally ill homeland security or Mafia troll, CNN member kajldfskljad, with no name, with no face, with no city posted an attack on O'Reilly as follows. "Why is this showing up on cnn.com? Credibility as a legitimate news source is swirling further down the toilet by the day. Sorry, but stream-of-thought bloging isn't news, even if you went to Harvard."

This guy without a name or face stops free speech and free press by degrading news reporters as if asking questions was not their job. You can see CNN member kajldfskljad profile at this link. http://ireport.cnn.com/people/kajldfs... This retard created a CNN member account just to post that one comment. Find out who this retard is, and we know who was behind the Tucson Arizona massacre.


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