Rebutting Harrub: Argument from Historical Scientists





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Published on Sep 13, 2012

This is the second in my series on Dr. Brad Harrub's "Origins" talk in College Station, TX around August 9th, 2012. In the section, I address his argument from historical scientists. The key point: Many scientists throughout history have been religious, but it was not their religious beliefs that informed their science. The fact that Dr. Harrub focuses on scientists who lived prior to Darwin says a lot.

I thought it might be interesting to explore the actual religious beliefs of the people being summoned to testify on Dr. Harrub's behalf. Most of them were unorthodox by today's standards, and some of them can better testify to the negative; that religious or superstitious belief has hindered science and the progress of knowledge.

The context of the clip from Dr. Harrub's talk is that he was addressing Bill Nye's comments that creationism can hold students back from understanding the actual science. This is true. When a person has a commitment to dogmatic doctrine that conflicts with truth or evidence, they face a difficult choice: either reject the truth, or reject the doctrine.

c0nc0rdance's wager:
Whenever a supernatural explanation competes with a natural explanation, so far in the history of science, the natural has always held up to more scrutiny.

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I find it sad that Dr. Harrub's faith is so shallow, his view of creation so small, that he doesn't allow the possibility that God designed creatures with the ability to adapt and, yes, evolve in order to adapt to changes in environment and to survive throughout the ages.
Been looking in search engines for one, just one, article that Dr Harrub has published in a peer reviewed journal. Of any kind. Can not find one. Nothing. Zilch. No peer reviewed writing at all. I would be happy to be proved wrong, if anyone has had more success in finding such an article.
Toney Smith
Blarg this creationist guy can not say the names of these guys correctly. 
You're welcome.
My definition of moron: a person who is incapable of thinking critically for themselves who instead adopts whatever attitudes/opinions/beliefs they are told to hold I've argued with people about science for years, and they always throw the EXACT SAME lame arguments at me. Honestly it's destroyed my faith in humanity. I don't understand how people can be so uncritical and mindless. Queston for ya Dawg if you care to answer: how old are you? Just curious.
Come on dawg, don't make me yawn. Present your argument or take a back seat with the rest of the diaper babies.
Cool story bro.
"Define existence, moron, and don't use an unscientific dictionary def. Did math exist before humans evolved, yes or no?" No. Did it all work?..Yes. Math is the tool we use to explain and make predictions about our universe. That statement is like saying 'Did the colors exist before we learned to talk? Did blue exist? '
C0nc0rdance - might you number the "rebutting harrub" videos in their titles, and/or create an independent playlist with them all in order? (apologies if you've already done the latter and I just haven't seen yet)
These are the greatest videos I have ever seen! I have only seen 4 but I think it's safe to say this without a doubt...can't wait to spend my afternoon watching them all!
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