1. o7RIFECTAo - Black Ops Game Clip

  2. B.E.T.- Could've Had A Name (Official Music Video)

  3. Lets Dance Lets Drink Ft. Wells

  4. Demons Chasing After Me

  5. Fantasy Girl

  6. Go Away

  7. I Could've Had A Name

  8. B.E.T. - I Want It Now

  9. Pyramids cover and talk about upcoming mixtape

  10. Turn On The Lights Remix (Im Ready For It)

  11. Making a Classic Prod(ROYAL AUDIO TUNES) Snippet

  12. Swim Good Cover B.E.T.

  13. Thinkin bout you Snippet

  14. Im On One B.E.T. Fatality & Christian

  15. No Lie Remix B.E.T. & Wells

  16. Drink In My Cup Remix (Fame Here I Come)

  17. Fantasy Girl - B.E.T.

  18. B.E.T Ft. Wells Fame City (Rack City Remix)

  19. me covering Watcha say cover

  20. Super Human - B.E.T. & Kayla Cook - Cover Song

  21. Love Lockdown Cover of part of the first verse

  22. Down On Me Cover Song With 50 Cent Lyrics

  23. Fall For Your Type B.E.T. & Star

  24. Beautiful Girls Cover Song

  25. All The Above Remix

  26. \what if cover a couple versus

  27. knock you down

  28. Ridin Solo Cover HQ

  29. Lollipop Remix (aka Music Is My Drug)

  30. Ridin Solo

  31. sample song to test new mic

  32. im still fly remix

  33. "sugar the bowling ball"

  34. spencer conn acting crazy