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Published on Nov 7, 2009

The Music Of Dragon Age: Origins

Artist: Inon Zur

Vocals: Aubrey Ashburn

Track # 28

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--- Lyrics ---

Hahren na melana sahlin
Emma ir abelas
Souver'inan isala hamin
Vhenan him dor'felas
In uthenera na revas

Vir sulahn'nehn
Vir dirthera
Vir samahl la numin
Vir lath sa'vunin

-- Translation --

Elder your time is come
Now I am filled with sorrow
Weary eyes need resting
Heart has become grey and slow
In waking sleep of freedom

We sing, rejoice
We tell the tales
We laugh and cry
We love one more day

All Dragon Age: Origins material belongs to Bioware. No copyright infringements are intended.

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Comments • 2,090

Zangado me mandou aki
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Gustavo Souza
Nillo21 é um pro player? na moral ele nem sabe como é a narrativa de Dark Souls e saiu falando que a história é simples
Sir Pinha
O youtuber que zerou Dark Souls com um pro player?
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Is it weird that I took my relationship with leliana mere seriously than my real relationship.
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Tempest Rift
+Lyric Baritone Actually, no. Morrigan was inspired by a Celtic goddess named The Morrigan. Especially her appearance.
La Esmeralda
This song actually convinced me to go full gay (?) and romance Leliana on my next playthrough. I love Alistair, but he doesn't sing like this lol
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Shadow Helm
Saddest part of Inquisition is how Leliana stopped singing and telling the stories she so loved.
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Leliana is in a lot of pain, and her personality change doesn't have to be permanent. You can help her by making the right choices, by showing her how to regain her compassion and love again. She may not be the way she was, but you can help her heal from what she's become.
Kyuu Ni
The fact that she changed gave more edge to her character, in my opinion. To anyone who had gone through so much hardship and shittiness, it's impossible to come out not changing in the slightest. I like that though she was portrayed as cunning and murderous in the Inquisition, you have the option to "harden" or "soften" her. Through conversations and interactions with her, you can influence her to stop being ruthless (since Leliana ruthless is default in the game, unless you soften her).
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Rodrigo Campos
There is something about Origins that makes me feel something different from Inquisiton. I actually feel that the Warden is, in fact, me. In Inquisition, I don't feel the same way. Don't know why...
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Inquistion just isn't magical. It's a game that tried to imitate Dragon Age Origins, it has its moments but most of its quests are just a drag instead of a part of the game which is what Origins had done. Origins is just game that you fall in love with were everyone is memorable and unforgettable. I kept playing that game literally for 6 to 7 months lol, I've known all of the side quest and the map of the game in my head. The best part isn't even that it is moddable, but how that is part of why the game is great. Same thing happened in KOTOR, KOTOR2, and the Mass Effect series.
Lindsay O
you cant beat dragon age origins you just cant
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After playing the newer Dragon Age games, I kept missing that special feeling I had when I played Origins for the first time. I kept wondering; was it just nostalgia? I decided to head back and re-play Origins to see if it was as good as I remembered, and to my surprise, it was just as magical as it had been the first time. The later Dragon Age games are not bad games by any means; it is just Origins that is so damn special. The soundtrack in particular trumps the other games by a mile, but the story is also really well told and written in a way the newer Dragon Age games never quite managed to replicate. I think the warden plays a big part in making Origins stand out. The fact that the main character is not voiced actually serves to immerse you into the game, rather than take away from the experience. For me, having Hawke or the Inquisitor blurt out sentences based on three standard choices of nice, cocky or angry, felt like someone else was playing the character instead of me. With the warden, I legit felt like I was the character doing the talking, which was a big deal to me. However, it’s not just the warden, the music, and the story, there’s something more to Origins that just makes it stand out. There is just something magical about the entire game, it has soul.
View all 37 replies
Sci-Fi Weekly
Mangs it kind of makes sense for 2 because unlike origins and inquisition 2 was supposed to be a more linear story like the Witcher. And it works for the kind of story that game was intended to tell
Mangs In origins you have to hear the conversation and think what was the better option for you, and in 2 and inquisition its like this : high option: good. mid option : sarcastic. low option : bad
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Shaku -nick-
what am i doing at this Office? in this World? i need a new universe
View all 6 replies
Rocha Kamila
We all know how you feel bro, we really do =(
Shaku -nick-
+TheMrromanthx i am waiting for 17th of november,  in my opinion; DA origins set the expectations too high but then dragon age 2 failed in every way. tbh, DAİ story time line and trailers make me a bit upset, we will see. i hope its going to worth to wait.
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Anyone up for a remastered version? followed by Dragon Age 4?
View all 23 replies
Carlisle the Cinephile
quetch2 That's an excellent perspective on remastered games and I agree.
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Dragon age origins will always have the best ost
View all 4 replies
Melody Johansson
Weskerdetonado This and the Witcher are my favourite soundtracks of all time
+JMSLionheart Damn straight.
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Miss Cinny
This song needs to play if they ever show Alistair reuniting with the Hero of Ferelden.
View all 10 replies
Sarah Loinvoyant
+Laylah Pressley GOD YES !!
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Sir Soaponrope
Its funny how a simple song in a video game can touch you so much. Sometimes i feel like dragon age is its own universe. I remember when games were made to touch their players like this. And real feeling was put into games before #graphics came into play
View all 14 replies
When I really listen to this song, I just stare the screen and think about how it makes me feel. Just watching that grey warden stand there in the middle of a bloodied battlefield just kind digs into me a little bit, like it's actually touch my soul
Undead Spacewalker
Saketh Kurapati YES. Mass Effect helped shape my youth
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