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Uploaded on Aug 15, 2009

Different descriptions & labels are used to describe these psychic kids: Indigo Kids, Super Psychic Kids of China, Blue Ray Children, Children of the New Millennium, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Avatar Children, Children of Advanced DNA Activation, Star Seed Children, Kids from the 13 Dimension.

This is a private sponsor presentation and not for broadcast. It is produced for investors, sponsors interested to participate in a TV documentary on Psi Kids. The focus is understand the realities, cultures, belief systems & supernatural abilities of psychic children phenomenon occurring all over the world including China, Russia, South America, Japan.

There are guidelines to film psychic kids, shaman, adepts, high priests, spiritual masters, medicine men & energy healers conducting, high vibratory energy in altered states of consciousness where spiritual phenomena manifests. The camera operators/film production crew/producers/writers/talent and all electronic equipment becomes part of the energy field conduit. There needs to be a baseline group energy signature coherence that can start at the lower energy spectrum before the phenomena starts & then the group energy raises together into higher vibratory fields & sustains harmonically in the raised energy vibration coherence that is manifested in the rituals & altered trance states. Often times the group energy can be chaotic or the group can’t hold or resonate in the etheric energy spike in the etheric & astral bands where there is increased subatomic bombardments affecting equipment.

The energy of spiritual practitioners is raised where a shift occurs in the baseline energy vibration where plasma fields/scalar waves are generated that will effect digital, electronic equipment. Camera batteries can go dead, video drop out with distortion, black fields, white noise, lenses malfunction, microphones go dead. Equipment can malfunction many times when filming in monasteries, temples, sacred sites, power sites, vortex energies, shaman sites of ceremonial practices. We're getting closer in quantum physics & scalar physics to be able to validate consciousness and chaotic energy fields at the subatomic level to be able to see the virtual reality manifestations of holographic outcomes that sages & mystics call multiple "stack of nows."

In a levitation experiment, my computer suddenly broke-- power supply, hard drive & operating system all simultaneously broke down-- the computer useless. When filming this Sri Lanka monastery interview, a brand new lav microphone with new battery stopped working & went dead. I panicked because the head monk was talking in an interview. The head monk calmly said, “it will work” and then 2 minutes later the microphone worked as normal.

Another example of chaos energy in phenomena film locations is when there are skeptics, debunkers, people who don’t believe, have doubts, fear, religious or belief systems strongly radiated in their emotional field states. This energy has a type of contagious action effect that is a non-coherent energy form & it can quickly accumulate & influence other chaos forms creating an expanded chaos energy field. I’ve seen spiritual practitioners unable to perform effectively in these types of non-coherent energy environments where a group of people didn’t have a coherent energy field resonance-- and it always starts with the intentionality state of each person.

In contrast to chaotic energy environments, when humans are in a group (where 2 or more are gathered) of high energy coherence with high vibrational emotional resonation in group intentionality where positive energy, love, compassion are part of intentionality in the raised consciousness state, scalar wave can be co-created by the group & the practitioner. Just as energy fields are always dynamic, a coherent energy field is the optimum environment to film phenomena. It is best to have the crew, talent & the entire team form a prayer circle/ spiritual circle & unite the energy intents verbally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually to create a coherent intentionality imprint with potential of having this energy intent coherence imprinted in the film. I call this a carrier wave of quantum resonance.

Dr. William Tiller (physicist in the film, "What the Bleep Do We Know), once told me, “it is not the paranormal phenomena recorded on your films that will shift the audience consciousness inasmuch as having the coherent intentionality of the entire production crew, talent & spiritual practitioner imprinted into the film." Dr. Tiller says when energy coherence is imprinted into the film from the entire team resonating in group coherent intentionality, this has a much greater effect where TV audiences pick up on the coherent energy intention imprinted in the TV production film.

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