Rusty Hearts - Top Secret Facility - Revolver Natasha (SS Rank - Very Hard)





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Published on Feb 8, 2012

The Top Secret Facility is a level 38 - 42 dungeon and is essentially the Quarantined Labs on crack.

This is by far one of my favorite dungeons in the game. Not only because of it's excellent BGM as you fight your way thru hordes of Mutants and Creatures. But the aesthetics of this dungeon is reminiscent of Dr. Neo Cortex's laboratory from my favorite platforming series "Crash Bandicoot" for the Playstation One. Which to me, makes this dungeon all the more enjoyable purely from a nostalgic sense.

The dungeon at first looks quite intimidating. I have read on various Rusty Hearts forums that the Top Secret Facility (TSF) isn't solo friendly. That couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, this place is actually a haven for Revolver Natasha builds. The first characteristic of this dungeon that I noticed is that it filled with many narrow corridors and hallways that you must fight monsters in. You can actually take advantage of the spacial limitations by implementing a technique that I discovered.

The technique is called the "Brushfire Kessel". Essentially it involves three skills. Auto Sentry: Rocket, Oil Slick (with the Molotov upgrade), and the Desperado Skill. Position the Rocket Sentries horizontally to one side, then set an Oil Slick Fire towards the center of the corridor, and run to the other end of the corridor. Once the enemies spawn use Desperado and what essentially happens is the Rocket Sentries and the Desperado Skill push the the enemies towards the center where the Oil Slick fire is.

It is essentially striking both Physically and Magically while controlling the crowd and is a very efficient method to take out groups of enemies. For added damage enchant yourself with either of the Elemental Bullet buffs before doing the Brushfire Kessel and/or throw in a "Time Bomb" while the enemies are distracted by the Sentries and Oil Slick..

In very narrow corridors the enemies are tightly packed together making it a very ideal area for executing the Brushfire Kessel.

Mutant Dogs and the Soul Seekers are extremely dangerous for both your health and rank. In addition to both having high amounts of Physical Defense and Extremely High HP; they also have attacks that multi-hit which can quickly compromise your Rank Runs.

The Soul Seeker are especially dangerous, as he is much more than an Undia on Steroids. His attack range for a physical fighter is significant. His chain attack does high physical damage, can hit the entire room at 180 degrees in front of him, and does Bleed damage. His fire breath attack ignores defenses, hits 8-10 times, and totals to well over 2500 Fire damage if you are too close.

Killing Nomi Specimens should be a top priority as being frozen while fighting both a Mutant Dog and a Soul Seeker is a recipe for disaster (the room right before the boss is like this).

The Boss herself....wowee wow....

Do your absolute hardest to kill the Spider Lady BEFORE she gets into the second phase. Her second phase begins once she is at 50% health. She will start throwing webs that not only Paralyze you but the surrounding mini spiders in the area will be alerted to your presence in the web and all of those 100+ mini spiders will attack you.

Each of those mini spiders can do 170 physical damage per hit and being hit by 100+ of them in a matter of seconds will kill you instantly.

If you unfortunately go into the second phase of the boss fight...DO NOT EVER stay on the dirt ground in the Boss Room. Always fight her when she is in the green puddle area and your character should stay in the green puddle area at all times; as the mini spiders do not traverse there.


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