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Moments- One Direction Love Story Chapter 32





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Published on Jun 12, 2012

Carinas POV
I am getting ready for me and Louis date. He is taking me to a cupcake shop. I love cupcakes so he bought the whole place for the night. After Im done getting ready we decide to ride bikes to the place its 3 blocks away. We get to the Cupcake shop and the lady explains what to do. Louis is making the frosting so I decided to sneak up on him. I get behind him and start to kiss his neck he moans but then i throw flour in his face.
Louis: you played me!
carina: yep
he chases me around and we end up all covered in flour and frosting. I am laughing so hard and Louis starts kissing me. I deepen it and then we pull away and take the cupcakes out of the oven we each decide to suprise each other with a cupcake so we dont show each other what were making. After 10 minutes we give eeach other the cupcakes. mine looks like this:
Louis: those are incrediable, how did you know how to do that
carina: when you left for xfactor I was sad so I baked alot
Louis: ohh im sorry but you should really open a shop
Carina: yea maybe someday now lets see yours
Louis: its pretty bad
His cupcake:
I smile and hug him
Carina: heck ya now lets go home and tell everyone

Louis POV
I am the happiest man alive. She said yes. We bike home and we talk about the wedding. We get to the hotel were staying in a and we tell evryone we all go out to celebrate. The girls go get dressed
Laurens Outfit:
Niall: woah
lauren smiles
Tori's Outfit:
Liam: you look great
Liam puts his arm around her
Carinas Outfit:
Louis: you look sexy
Hazels Oufit:

Hazels POV
I came down in my outfit. i didnt dress as sexy as the other girls because thats not my style. Tim comes up and whispers in my ear.
Tim: you didnt dress as sexy as the other girls
Hazel: oh i will go change I-
Tim: i respect you for that. I love how you dont care if you look diferent as long as your you. the other girls change styles and looks but you dress the way you want to
I blush
Hazel: your so sweet
We all take different cars and I get in Tims car and blast the radio. Im singing to Up All Night by One Direction. im not super good at singing but im decent. Tim sings along.
Hazel: you told me you never listen to one direction music
Tim: uh I-
Hazel: hahah just admit it
We keep driving and I see a guy on the road that kinda looks like Zayn. I think back to the memories ( just pretend its hazel) : and

I really miss Zayn lately I mean I love Tim but he will never be Zayn. We are stopped at a red light and I am puzzled because that guy looks exactly like Zayn. So I scream Zayn out the window and the guy looks up. He has sadness and guilt in his eyes then he quickly runs away.
Hazel: tim i think that was Zayn
Tim: no it wasnt your imagining things
hazel: your probally right
We get to the club and dance.

Harrys POV
I get tired of dancing with random girls so I go to the mens room and hear fighting from the outside ally. I go and see whats happening. I see a man grabbing a lady very tightly screaming things like how she doesnt love him and stuff. I try to get a look at there faces but its to dark.
Girl: ow your hurting me I already have bruises on my shoulders
She can barely get her words out
Guy: im out of here but you better be home soon to take that little brat daughter of yours and leave my house.
he walks away and she sits there crying. It seems like I have heard that crying before. i cant stand seeing this poor woman like this so I walk up and sit down next to her. i look up and notice that its....

1. who did Harry see
2. how will he help her
3. is Hazel really imaging things
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