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Published on Aug 31, 2012

Hank talks about the scary new drug that's led to some recent incidences of goat stabbing, as well as other tragedies - bath salts. We learn how it works and ask the important question: why?

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References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: http://dft.ba/-3s-1

Comments • 3,596

Human Being
I was going to make a joke about salt but then I thought.. Na.
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Pearl Carol
Andrew Barbera, no need to be so... salty about it.
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Baron Von Trenk
Phew I was thinking I had to stop using Epsom Salts in the bath
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Mike Bova
cellogirl11RW Shut da fuc up wit dat fake ass BOOOSHIT
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Ever notice how the replacements for the stuff they made illegal are always far more dangerous ?
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Joshuaseth Garcia
CustardBastard yeah lets legalize crystal weed. Crystal weed 2017
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Laquisha Adams
I don't need drugs. When I stab goats and eat my neighbors' dogs, it's all natural, baby! ~_^
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Charles Dockendorf
+Laquisha Adams This is my official nomination for best comment ever. Congratulations!
Laquisha Adams
+Austin Hunt That's what the Black Magic is for, baby.
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Only natural drugs bro. Anything natural is good, God made WEED man made bath salts who do u trust? That's y I snort fucking mercury errday. Stay natty kids.
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Pearl Carol
Well, I'm actually incredibly allergic to hemp, so... Given a possible bad trip and a definite case of anaphylaxis, I'ma take the salt.
2Tru Muzic
wladdaimpala88 cocine too yay
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I came here to learn about bath salts that you use in a bath... I learned about drugs instead.
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Anime Trash
MarcusDarkstar same
Alexander Fennell
Same here
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Making drugs illegal and banning substances does not work, even with the most serious and harmful drugs. Hitting the supply without hurting the demand just makes the illegal drug trade more profitable and people will still be using the drug.
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Why not? Would help to clear traffic on the freeways after a while, schools would improve, prison populations would go down, drug related crimes would go own, police would be freed up to be better able to address more serious problems. Just have to wait for the idiots in society to all die or vanish into a drug induced coma where they don't bother anyone.
You're right ... Bath salts and heroine for EVERYONE!! VOTE BERNIE!
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Moral of the story; stick to weed.
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Camilo Santana
you got a healthy attitude. drug use is fine. it's drug abuse that's the issue. anything, from aspirin to meth; from religion to technology can be used or abused. society tends to pay too much attention to the finger that points to the moon.
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The only drug I abuse is porn.
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Random Mustard
+Shoes i abuse bleach
Bonzi Buddy
+Michael Perez if you are that weak to get addicted to images you must be religious or sexually repressed usually that goes hand in hand.
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John Doe
Remember kids, only do the nice safe mind altering drugs the big pharmaceutical companies give you.
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todd krager
Skyfoogle and also very stupid. let's not forget that.
o c e a n m a n
dxm 😂
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