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Uploaded on May 25, 2010

EPIC. FAIL. This is for Judy's Round 2 of her Anywriters Contest. This sucks, bad, and I'm sorry. I tried to think of something & I just couldn't. So in return you get this crappy stuff. Topic: To write about the season she had assigned us. Cant say which one I got because Judy is supposed to figure it out on her own while reading but if you know, comment it along with your thoughts! TRY to enjoy.

The alluring flowers began to prosper, the sun shining down on all the walking souls. It was a day so beautiful, you felt like you were walking on thin air. It wasn't too hot, yet it wasn't too cold. It was just right.

The trees began to flourish a few buds here and there, enlightening itself with flowers of all kinds. The grass began to grow, its true color shining through. Birds chirped as they flew around finding a spot to sit on.

It has been a while since we had cool air like this, I was used to the cold, vivid air that would freeze me to death. Its finally a climate change--thank god.

I sat on my bike, reading to take a stroll through the neighborhoods when the same familiar voice filled my ears.

"Catherine Marie!" Mother called from the backyard, where she sat on her two knees, planting flowers on the ground.

Groaning, I shifted my head backwards, the sun hitting my face perfectly. "Yes?" I spat in pure annoyance.

"Can you come over here, I need some help." She inquired, rolling the dirt between her fingers. Grabbing her shovel as she scooped the right amount of soil before throwing it to the side--replacing the flower inside. Closing the gap, she wiped her forehead.

Removing one leg after the other from my bike, I laid it down on the ground. "Whatever." I muttered, soon dragging my feet to where my mom sat. "What is it that you possibly need help with?" I spat, irritated of the fact she ruined my plans for the day.

"Can you help me plant some flowers?" She looked up, her hazel eyes sparkling against the light, making them shine even more.

Sighing, my shoulders dropped as I moved my way in front of her, before dropping on my knees. "What do you need me to do?" The air whisked its way through my golden locks, my blue eyes moistening over.

"Grab the shovel and make five holes on the ground." She instructed, leaning over to grab the shovel before handing it over to me.

I snapped it away from her grasp and began to do what she had just told me to do.

"Cath honey, do you think you can plant the flowers for me?" My mom studdered, the work has really gotten to her.

Guilt began to wash over me. "Sure." I gave her a weak smile as she laid her lips to my forehead.

"Thank you sweetie." and with that she made her way inside the house.

Its been three hours, and I couldn't be any prouder of myself. I stood up on my two feet before I brushed my knees off with my two hands. Grabbing the water bottle from the ground, I took a huge gulp before dropping the empty bottle on the floor; a smile spreading across my face.

All different types of flowers were plastered around the pavement. A few designs swirling around the soil spelling out the words I L O V E Y O U with a lined pattern of different colored daisys formed in a heart covered around.

"CATH! Are you done yet? You've been out here for hours!" My mom exclaimed as she walked over to me with a cone of icecream.

Twirling around to face her, I smiled. "SUPRISE!" I yelled, throwing my hands in the air.

She covered her mouth, tears whelling up in her eyes. "Cathy, oh my god." She shrieked. "This is beautiful honey!" The ice cream cone nearly fell from her light grasp.

"I'm glad you like it." I grinned, before grabbing the cone, taking a long stride through the marvelous cream with my tongue.

"You really did all this, for me?" Her gaze met mine.

"Yeah, I felt bad for yelling at you before. I love you mom." I smiled, opening my arms wide, engulfing my mom in the tightest hug shes ever expierenced.

I love you too sweetie, with everything in me. She stroked my hair, soon pulling away.

The sun had strolled down underneath the dark blanket that pooled its way over us, twinkling dots indicating the stars have now arrived. The air stood still, swaying around here and there.

We sat on the ground, reading our books once in a while taking a peek at the beautiful landscape I had created.

I think its time tyo go in now. She stood up, dusting her bottom off.

Yeah, I think your right. I laughed, standing up also before heading my way inside the house, my mom soon following after.


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