Dragon Age Origins: Lost in Dreams. Fade Run, Part 5





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Published on Dec 28, 2009

The Burning Tower, again! Start with the Golem Form, hurling a Boulder to break down the massive door right in front of you. Then head back to the other massive door.; using Hurl right now allows you to charge right into the room full of Burning Templars later on, and use Hurl (without waiting for it to cool down) to finish them quickly.

Through the other Massive Door awaits a bonus (video time 00:50). After that, it's time to deal with the Burning Templars. There are two ways to deal with the massed enemies: one is to lure them out piecemeal to deal with in ones or twos, but this takes time and as I've stated, this walkthrough is also a showcase of finishing this quest in record time! - so I show how it's done, lightning-quick, drawing all the enemies to me and taking the whole bunch out in one quick fight, using the area-of-effect abilities of the alternate forms.

As mentioned in Part 4, the Golem's Quake and Hurl are stupendous for crowd control, and here I demonstrate. (Video time 01:37) Let the Templars surround you, then use Quake - this stuns them all, giving you the time you need to Hurl a boulder at your feet. The blast wave takes almost all of them out; the survivors are no match for your Golem.

After that, Rhagos is an easy Boss. I use Spirit Form's Crushing Prison to put an end to him. Don't forget the bonus in the same room (video time 02:35) - and as I'm already in Spirit Form, I can see the bonus at the same time as I'm using my telekinetic power to squeeze Rhagos into a trickle of ash.

Next stop: the Darkspawn Invasion. Using the area-of-effect talents of both Golem and Burning Man make this a cakewalk. I backtrack to get the attribute bonus (video time 05:05), flattening the darkspawn that get in my way.

The penultimate chamber (video time 06:16) is quite a tough fight. Trying to bull through as a Golem is suicidal on Nightmare difficulty. One way is to lure the darkspawn out piecemeal; the other, quick, way, is shown here. Throw a fireball from the doorway into the room, taking out a few of the darkspawn, then shift into Golem form and charge in, using the Quake/Hurl abilities in tandem to fell most of them. The Darkspawn Emissary can be quite dangerous, but if you've done it correctly (as I show here) and felled all the lesser Darkspawn in record time, this fight will be over within moments.

That leaves Uthkiel the Crusher, and among the lesser Bosses, he's probably the toughest. Going toe-to-toe with him as a Golem can be lethal; in Nightmare difficulty, he uses his special abilities to keep your Golem stunned and knocked down practically the whole time until the Hero is beaten.

Again, this fight is a sure win with the proper tactics. The Spirit Form's Crushing Prison (video time 07:40) and Winter's Grasp immobilises him and drops his life bar to half! After that, use your Golem's special abilities before Uthkiel unleashes his, and victory is yours!

The next video, Part 6, will demonstrate the perfect way to navigate A Templar's Nightmare.


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