A Natallie True Luv Story:Episode 8 S2





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Uploaded on Sep 23, 2009

Nat:Im gonna take good care of you when you get out.
Allie:*smiles* I have the best boyfriend EVER.
Nat:I knew that.

Dr: Allie, you can be out in*checks clipboard* two hours. They just have to run a few tests first. Then rest for a week or so, You should be fine by Christmas.
Allie:Thank you Doc.
Dr:np. Have a nice day. *walks out*
Allie:Two more hours......
Nat:THEN you can go back to my house, and I'm giving you permission to sleep in my bed.
Allie:*eyes get wide* REALLY????
Allie:You are OFFICIALLY the best boyfriend EVER.
Nat:Better then Sean?
Allie;*smile fades, and she gets sad* Yes.
Nat:*instantly sorry* I'm sorry Allie.
Allie:*feels guilty* It's okay.
Nat:Soo I'm gonna go back to my house, and get things ready for you.
Allie:I'll do the stupid freaking tests.
Nat:*strokes her cheek* I'll be back in 1 hour.
Allie:*takes his hand*(AN:Nat's hand is very bony... I know...I've touched it .Alex has a nice hand. Sorry, I'm getting off topic. :)Thank you babe.
Nat:I'll do anything for you.
Allie:*giggles* Love you.
Nat:Love you too.
Allie:*looks out the window*
Nat:I'll be back in a hour?
Allie:Sounds good. Can't wait.
Nat:bye my love. *kisses her, then leaves*
Nurse:Now that THAT BOY is gone, we can do the tests.
Nurse:THAT BOY was in my way.
Allie:THAT BOY is my boyfriend.
Nurse:well, THAT BOY is coming back later. let's go.
Allie does her tests.

1 hour later..
Nurse:here comes THAT BOY. Have a nice day.
Nat:*walks up* Hi Allie. Hi Mrs Nursey person.
Nurse:Have a nice day, Allie. Have a....day THAT BOY. *walks away*
Allie:don't ask.
nat:I won't.
Allie:*smiles and walks out*

At the Wolff's....
Nat:*unlocks the door* Welcome ho-
Alex:NAT WHAT UP?!?!?!?! *runs up to Nat*
Nat;Uh hi Alex.
Alex:I love you. *hugs Nat's waist*
Nat:Uh... I don't do that.
Alex: I don't carrrrrrrre.
Allie:*whispers* He's drunk....
Nat:WHAT?!?!?! *yells so loud pictures on the wall move a little*
Allie:*covers her ears* Augh whoa jeez, calm down.
Nat:*grabs Alex's wrist and drags him to his room and throws him into his room and locks the door*
Allie:*follow quietly*
Allie:I don't think he heard you.
Nat:Whatever. You. My room. Now.
Allie:*goes to Nat's room quick*
Nat:*pulls his blankets up and Allie crawls under them* Comfortable?
Nat:Good. *kisses her cheek, but Allie moves so he kisses her lips instead* I'm gonna go out to calm down.
Allie:Ok. Be safe. I lo-
Nat:ve you.
Allie:yeah that.
Nat:Make sure Alex doesn't get up.
Allie:Don't worry.
Nat:Bye. *leaves, and turns the light out*
Allie's POV:
Wow, even though I feel like crap, it's nice to know that he's that concerned about me. Man, this bed is comfortable. It's so soft, and smells just like Nat. Wow, I'm a weird person!!!

Alex's POV: Elephant, cow, moo, poo, doo.. hahahahahahahahaha. I am a DOG!!! *barks*

Nat's POV: I can't believe Alex is drunk!!! Idiot, he's freaking 11!!! What was he thinking? I hope Allie feels better. That Sean is such a ...wow he's SO bad, I don't even have a INAPPROPIRATE name for him.




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