Future World by Helloween MIDI superb sound quality with a top quality Soundfont. Metal to the max





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Published on May 22, 2012

This is another video showing how amazing and professional MIDI music can sound with a great quality Soundfont.

This song, Future World by Helloween, made a deep impression on me when I was a kid. One of my brothers also fell in love with it the moment he listened to it back then. It was love at first sight for him, as they say.

To record this music I used Musical Box Soundfont, and SoniVOX 250 GM Wavetable Soundfont -it's a fabulous soundfont!!. Titanic and SGM are also excellent options, and free!- and Giant 5.5 soundfont -Power drumkit and Electric Piano. Other amazing soundfonts are Titanic -great one, almost 300MB in size-, Crisis 3.01, SGM-V2.01 -almost 250 MB in size, very good!-, Arachno Soundfont -148 MB-, RealFont 2.1 (101 MB), General User GS -29,8MB-, Personal Copy 5.1 (56 MB), Aspirin 160 -nice guitars, very original and good sound for its small size- and Roland sc-55 Soundfont (10MB, small but great sound and especially great balance).

The sound was captured with a superb amazing atemporal program called Synthfont -thanks Kenneth!- selecting the option Play - Play to File (Write) to obtain the most pure sound.



VST Plugins used

The fantastic NastyDLAmkII (LOVE IT!!!!) with Panorama Doubler setting
SonicChorus plugin -- Psycho Boost setting (very subtle chorus effect, quite lovely)
Ambience plugin for Reverberation -- Pady Piano Bright setting
Classic Chorus -- Vocal Overdub setting

Bus 1 VST Plugins, exclusively for the Distortion Guitar:

Classic Phaser -- Rhythm Guitar #1 setting
Classic Chorus -- setting Hard Guitar Flanger
Sonic Chorus -- set to Psycho Boost
NastyDLAmkII -- Nice Pan setting
GlaceVerb -- Vocal Preset 2, for a nice Reverberation effect

Those are the SmartAudio utility Equalizer settings for the operating system and general sound playback:

+ or - from Default value -a completely flat value for each equalizer band- which is 0

31Hz -- Value +6
62Hz -- Value 0
125Hz -- Value +10
250Hz -- Value +5
500 Hz -- Value +3
1Khz -- Value -5
2Khz -- Value +3
4Khz -- Value +5
8Khz -- Value +3
16Khz -- Value +6

SYNTHFONT built-in Equalizer settings (I tried to match SmartAudio equalizer values -the previous ones I listed in this description- as much as possible):

80Hz -- Default 0
200 Hz -- Value +10
500 Hz -- Value +2
1250 Hz -- Value -7
2500 Hz -- Value +2
5000 Hz -- Value +3
10000 Hz -- Value +2
15000 Hz -- Value +4

Links to the soundfonts used for this song

Sonivox 250 Meg GM Wavetable


Giant Soundfont 5.6: You have to download banks 1, 2 and 3 as well the drumkit, named "v3.0 drumkit all".


Uber Guitar V -- http://www.vgmusic.com/phpBB3/viewtop...

This is the original guitar included in Musical Box soundfont -beta version- with this song, so maybe you won't need the guitar soundfont from the previous link, but it has top quality samples, it's really worthwile.

BEGINNER'S TUTORIAL TO START EDITING YOUR SONGS -or if you just want to enjoy MIDI music at its best-

This quick tutorial is meant to quickly set your PC up to play awesome MIDI music with the best possible quality using your preferred Soundfont.

One of the easiest ways to start is downloading Synthfont, and setting your preferred Soundfont/s with it http://www.synthfont.com/

After installing it you just have to go to File - Set your Default Soundfont file. For it to work though, you need an actual Soundfont. See the list at the top of the description:

Titanic soundfont http://rapidlibrary.com/source.php?fi...

SGM-V2.01 Soundfont http://www.geocities.jp/shansoundfont/

The colossal, size wise, Crisis 3.01 can be downloaded in the following link http://www.bismutnetwork.com/

The plugins I mentioned can be easily found with Internet search services like Google, Bing, Yahoo or similar.

The default Soundfont that Windows uses during MIDI playback is the very low quality soundfont 'GS Wavetable Synth'. You can select another one, with a much better sound quality downloading this excellent and incredible utility which allows you to set your favourite soundfont for general playback in Windows.


I'd definitely recommend listening to this video at 720p or 1080p for the best possible sound quality.

THE ORIGINAL SONG by Helloween http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9h3jR...

A better version of the song, IMO, performed by Helloween; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4KBY_...

The original MIDI file of this song here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcjhk9jlkxu...

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