Why USA is the best country in the world.





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Published on May 4, 2012

top reasons Why USA is the best

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Computer was invented by Britian - Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, the car by Germany - Karl Benz, The internet by Britain - Tim Bernes Lee. The only reason US has the biggest GDP is because it has the largest populaion in the developed world. If Germany for example also had 320 m people instead of 70, they would've had the same or bigger GDP. idiot
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+MrBusan it has the least exceptions to freedom of speech and we have the right to keep and bear arms nuff said 
+Thindorama Lol. I hope you're not any older than 12. US is 16th in freedom of press, 34th in economic freedom, 13th in marriage equality, US has the biggest issue of police brutality meaning cops have more freedom to beat you or even shoot you for no reason, NSA is spying on your people's phone calls and emails, you can't march in any protest you want because cops will stop you and use force to stop you if they want, unlike in Europe where you can go to street and protest for any reason whatsoever and no one will forbid you, you go to jail in most schools in Texas if you skip school, NSA spying on your calls and emails is against your constitution, and so is the police brutality, and so is Obama taking decisions that exceed his power. US is maybe the LEAST free country in west.
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Xodus Xantana
love this, God bless the USA
permitivity m
yeah, the usa is the greatest and no one comes close
George Carpelan
Number 1: Every country has brave people... Number 2: Thats not a reason to be proud of your country. Number 3: If you knew anything about history you would know that the US didnt do much to change the outcome of the war Russia was the main power keeping Europe from coming into facist control.. (Im fucking tired of people saying that America was the one who destroyed the Nazis.) Number: 4 Yeah thats cool i guess.. Number 5: Sure but you were not the first with the idea. Number 6: Every country has inventors who have invented for greater things than Apple ever has and ever will. Number 7: sigh Number fuck this shit head he's retarded..
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Shlomo Shekelberg
+Apitsu Da Vinci South America is a shithole that deserves no attention. Canada might as well be an American province considering 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S border
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Nappe Pappe
all true
Tusk Бивень
Actualy you eliberated only France from nazies, so don't talk bullshits plz.. And that you are the only country who used atomic bomb that makes you criminals not heroes.....
Ethan Dude
The Japanese would of sent fleas with a disease and wipe out the Americas so we had to and that does not make us bad we were protecting the Americas and China and the rest of Asia and the world
Liam Doyle
Where did most Americans originate from? EUROPE 
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No, USA is mixed. for example: Steve Jobs is half Syrian half European And you, you are half cock, half your pussy. got it? Okay, cool. Don't be a racist motherfuckers.
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The USA had the LEAST part in WW2.
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Stuka Steven
That simply is not true
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xD i hope youre not serious
Flame Iken
USA sucks
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