Kendrick Lamar - Rigamortis (Instrumental REMAKE) Produced By SmoothOnThaBeat





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Published on Jul 16, 2011

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I actually have the answers, casually cancelling cancers i'll capture the capitalist bankers, cause they're hazardous factors I'm past passionate... Anxious but laughable rappers, passively passing collateral status I've had it with the average invalids planning to get avid with practice This palette will damage a faggot, it's tragic, i blackened the canvas My talent's erratic, i'll channel my malice at your whackest of habits Unbalanced- a challenge that can manage to mangle the axis of planets Angled like drafting italics, while you're ass is in panic n' dangled in manic I'm classed as a castor of magic, A master of immaculate tactics, Manualist, i value my hands with this miraculous magic - only amulets have it You're bandaged like bad acrobatics, don't be mackin' on ratchets They're attracted like parallel magnets after your graduate talents Manage to stash their hatchets in blankets, planning to salvage your bankings Savage on acid, with the cash that they're grabbing, they're stabbing you faggots Gagging on gargantuan banquets, you bastards are basking in badness Vast with the language, better fasten your jackets, im jacking you halfwits As your passing in traffic, it tragically happened This travesty had me aggy n' saddened Jeans are baggy but tacky, Mc's are happily slackin' They're scrapping in alleys acting dandy as the magazines clappin'  
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Ice Penguin
Thari B
mind if i rap this and record it for ya?
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40 plug X
This generations under trouble harsh to see what's next With wealthy living and the struggle cause democracy defects Aye how u eat yo ramen noodle this a poverty test And Look yoself up in the mirror ain't no pride to detect You need a lie to detect you ain't no lottery pick See fame is like having kids and u ain't fatherly fit But u can have the fame I don't ride society dick Remember mama and my data had the house on evicted When I was only 6 years old and I came home and they split I do prefer to be alone don't send no flowers and shit The world full of scarcity and you a cowardly fit Yo favorite rapper Rest In Peace I need a salary tip Cuz he dead Yes sir Amen Chucks Cuz he dead I killed him Amen Bitch Said I'm in a fucking zone Where you fuck up and life goes on Unless you luck up with the thrown I thrown these sticks to break ya bone Now you dead Yes sir Amen Chucks Now you dead I killed cha Amen Bitch Be careful how you walk I stack a needle in yo shoe She know that he know that you know that, that we know who It's a fact double back as i proceed that u pursue It's a Mac double that with no cheese and onions too Where he at get the Chef cause eazin overdue Give a fuck bout who next cuz I'm eazin over you Over you overdue I sobered you inspired you Go ahead and talk yo shit but u can never hide the truth Huh revolutions resurrected redirected song typeee Clever motion not devotion panther potion gon fight Levitate the dedicated situate its own rights Concentrate on segregation devastation gon strike Strike 1 strike 2 Nobody despise you Talking all that shit now nobody don't like you Niggas needa sit down level wit yo IQ Mama wit the get down brother was a piru Wtf do you do yo career is boo boo All my family su woop all my family su woop One more time for su woop never knew the revenue Step up to my pedal stool decapitate the head of you Ha.. never knew the revenue Step up to my pedal stool decapitate the head and you You dead Yes sir Amen Chucks You dead I killed ya Amen Bitch
Starlex Dorcely
You mind if I use your instrumental to make a cover?
Uploaded my official music video. pleases rank and drop a comment to help get me more looks.
Chris Salters
stab into walls nemo can find the hall to way of succeers came out with bullets to competers live on the sky without beepers hang ur neck to the door then scratch my core for sneakers jump bill and peck neither
Right hand/ mistrial finger fucked the pistol/ that ain't real bitch forget you/got the hot tracks sizzle/ summer drop still as LL as igloos / fickled as the devil making dells with a pickle / tommy even chuckled at the verse /while phill and a Lill bickered over which came out first/ ref where's the flag we gotta a fag on the verse / you find more gays in the church /safe to say that it hurts/ went from slave to converts
As LL as igloos???
Justin Lewis
to the top? Boooooi Stop, Im variety like ala carte This sobriety is about to spark, A insane amount of lyrics im gifted like it is christmas, you twisted cant handle business FIGURES !!! Im bigger than my competition, always on a mission hotter than indian dishes.
Justin Lewis
Just truth in My Rapping, Im capping, this tongue a glock nine its Crunch time, I took my mine fuck scrapping. It happened so deal with it Im ill with it, where my precription, thats my meal ticket. Im eating then im treating because we made it Saving all my best flows for studios playa Over dope instrumentation I CAN TAKE IT where it needs to go Like models fucking rappers in overseas videos in skimpy clothes yo tank empty though where you gonna go.
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