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Published on Sep 21, 2013

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I eat with my chopper, sleep with my chopper
You might not see it but I be with my chopper
I roll with my chopper, count dough with my chopper
Everywhere I go protect my soul with my chopper
My chopper, with, with my chopper
Everywhere I go you know I roll with my chopper
My chopper, with, with my chopper
Everywhere I go protect my soul with my chopper

Get to the chopper, we gonna send em to doctors
We got our magazines filled up with steel shells and gunpowder
We know the enemies close, matter off fact they surround us
But we got big toys, side sights, squeeze and it showers

Bullets fly outta my barrel you feel the sting of the metal
That is the price you will pay whenever you get onto my level
This is a Battlefield baby what you think this was a game?
I guarantee when you play me you'll remember my name

I hop up in the Heli, firefight is getting heavy
Everywhere I turn I feel like someone is trying to get me
But I'm too quick with my sticks, I turn and then I bust them
Relying on my team, we been to war before, I trust them


I'm staring down the sights seeing things I've never seen
These are the kind of things that you can dream up in your dreams
Sniping enemy players off of a jet ski
Who you thought was in that helicopter, man, it's me!

Cause I roll with my choppa, they call me soul stopper
Running through cases of ammunition, I mean a lot a
Boxes with bullets they stop as soon as I pull it
And at the end of the game the're squeaking "how do you do it?"

I take the battle serious, move around mysterious
Like a ghost, you never know when I'll turn you into dust
Lead my team into victory, tell your team that I'm sorry
While you're spawning and dying I'm capping bravo and charlie


Ridin' round in my AH6.
Kodak moment better snap some pics.
Jump out the side and I switch to my rocket.
Your jet's on fire and you know I'm gunna profit.
Prophet of the battlefield.
Shoot out the lights, night vision I'm still gettin' kills.
Chuck a grenade while your still in the train.
Semi-auto .50 cal, this game's insane!
Did I mention I'm the air support?
Duty doesn't call when you're camping in a fort...
Hiding for an Odin Strike?
I'll parachute and grab ya then I stab ya no gunfights!
Gimme the dog tags!
Hit me with more frags!
I'm invincible bitch, this game is my niche,
if you ever need proof just check out my Twitch!
Or my Youtube, never see me noobtube.
Talkin' through the bluetooth, walkin' in the booth.
Stealin' all the tickets, end a game of Rush.
Poopin' on these noobs and you know I'm gunna flush.
USAS 12, dual wield.
Rain's pourin' down on my windshield.
Real war shit, and it's only in Battlefield!

Thanks to for helping out with this song!

Thanks to Fugitive Beatz for their instrumental "My Choppa"

BrySi Hats:

Every time you download one of my songs, a baby unicorn is born! (thank you, seriously!) COD Ghosts Rap -


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