Teaparty for Idiots - "Nothing better than a dead liberal"





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Published on Apr 17, 2009

This content is copyrighted 2009, by me.
Despite the fact 95% of Americans just received the largest tax cut in American history, a parade of the easily manipulated gathered in St Clair Shores, Michigan on Wednesday because the crybaby pundit Glen Beck told them to.

The first woman was holding a sign that read: "Honk if you support the constitution" so I stopped and asked her exactly what she thought was threatening the constitution."


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god the stupidity of these people is actually physically painful to witness...
Anon Person
gtaclevelandcity now it's the same shit....different political party.
Brandyn Henry
"Nothing better than a dead liberal" Absolutely correct
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you are a bad human
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Joe Jefferson
Yep...she obviously called the 8th grade her "senior year".
Le Hunt
You see the mindlessness of North Korea in these teabag idiots.
Tommy boy
Liberals never talked about boiling their opponents alive in steaming water. Tea Party Republicans = American Taliban.
Richard Rodriguez
We need a final solution to the tea party problem.
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Danny A
+Dakota Plondke Interesting. Gotcha! 
Dakota James
+Danny A A liberal is a general term for someone who takes the left-wing in politics. Often, it is also defined as someone who just generally falls left of the general spectrum of politics in whatever country they may reside, where the center changes. In the U.S., the term "liberal" has been hijacked by both Republicans and Democrats. Some Republicans, in typical Republican fashion, use it as an insult because they can't handle the views of anyone who isn't radical authoritarian far-right (Almost fascist) on the spectrum. Democrats use it as a self-descriptor, and Democrats are not liberal, in it's classical definition. On the grand scheme of world politics, Democrats fall to the authoritarian centre-right (Corporatists) of the world political spectrum, and I disagree with the right-wing on just about everything. I call a Progressive.. people like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to name some popular ones. They, to me, are part of the early stages of a growing movement in America called the Libertarian Left. Their views are often more in line with that of the Green Party. Progressives, want to increase human liberty, such as legalizing drugs, gay marriage, (and less popularly: gambling, prostitution, etc) but implementing policy that works on the Federal level like single-payer healthcare or some form of Universal Education. So, I guess in a nutshell, a liberal in America is a centre-right, corporate friendly, establishment person, whereas a Progressive wants to really change things over. We wish to progress towards the future rather than locking ourselves up in the past, which we see our country as now. We're outdated, so it's time to progress to something better and more effective, hence the name Progressive.
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Skip Patterson
There are the ignorant and the stupid in life and then there's these people. These are the right-wing Christofascist Tea Bagging Morons that are destroying America and have been doing so over the last 30+ years. It is way past time we give the cause to pause.
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9/11 mosque rally keffiyeh wearing crashtest dummy
How about textbooks that claim blacks benefitted from slavery and lived in better conditions than today?
+Mike lopez ... LoL white wash the history books? Kinda like they said Abraham Lincoln was fighting for slavery even know he said "white people are superior to black people" and if he could end the war without ending slavery then he would? The history books are already fucked so what good would that do?
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derek amos
proof positive these idiots are easily brainwashed.  
Newland Knives
so many ad hominem remarks about this reporter. No one every questioned his policies they just said "oh, hes a dumb liberal idiot"... So what if he is a liberal.. not all liberals have the same policies. sigh.... this is why i feel bad for america
John Strickland
Meet America's Nazis.  Nazi definition - extreme right wing party that supports nationalism, hates unions, hates gays, hates minorities, hates communist, and is anti intellectualism. The Tea Party!
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