How to deal with slow walkers





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Published on Jan 6, 2012

This will work try it at the mall, crowded streets , intersections, concerts, high school college , basically anywhere ...

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Abraham Nixon
As a  recent adopter of slow walking, I think this "solution" is a step in the wrong direction. Look, I'm an introvert so I know all about public anxiety (Common Redditor Affliction), in fact I used to be a fast walker just like you; I didn't like the feeling that society's collective judgmental eyes were on me as I went about my business so I would try to walk as fast as possible in order to make it to my destination quickly. I felt that if I walked fast, my velocity would shield me from their eyes and if I kept my arms held firmly at my sides whilst I did it, my lack of upper body movement would make it appear as if I wasn't moving at all. Problem is, (and I've learned this from the Pickup Artist community; of which I am a member) walking quickly displays a lot of nervous energy and not swinging your arms as you stroll makes you appear psychotic, which fellow citizens can pick up on and here's the rub -- that's when the judgement really begins. Whether you're wearing stylish headgear or not, if you're making a Bee-line through a crowded area, you're going to draw unsolicited attention. Walking slow has allowed me to actually look comfortable in my surroundings (a rarity amongst Redditors) and I've discovered that I can actually swing my arms in an almost natural fashion when I adopt a glacial pace. Ciao.
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I play so much games, and still I work out every day
+Paul Diamond If gamers aren't geeks then why are they playing video games and not working on their quads at the gym faggot? Real men do squats!
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Richard Schreck
This Japanese dude is like fucking moses parting the red seas of slow walkers with his little bell. 
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+Ben786 Bwhahahahah, lost it.
More like the Yellow Seas!  Disclaimer: I am Asian; I am allowed to say this!
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Not in the hood bro... :/ It's not gonna happen in the hood...
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+Jonathan Seick Well I assumed we all knew the different (unofficial) term for "hood" since it's been  said and hyped so much in society, mostly American, that we would know what "hood" meant in it's different unofficial term meaning. But if we are being %100 literate, that is my mistake. But this whole thing, is ridiculous and sad. I went on the freaking Popular feed on Youtube to see what was going on, saw this video, found it funny, commented that it would not happen where I live close by, the "hood". Honestly, if you're joking, terms like "the hood" are widely and embraced and known. Used in a professional work place or a place of high class? No. A comedy center? Who cares. -_- I doubt Chris Rock cares and see where he is right now. Anyway, I've wasted about 20 minutes of my life here. Comments disabled cause it ain't worth the time. Paulphoenix912, good trolling dude. Everyone else don't worry about it, just keep living. Peace.
It's okay, just find someone to hug it out with, you'll be alright. Let go of that troll rage. It's bad for you, silly.
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[reddit My little pony moderator here.] I want one of these for when i go to Brony cons I'm so tired of people waddling around and wont move out of the way, I even missed a QNA session with terra because of these slow walkers. UHG! im so upset now, dashy is going to have to perform oral pleasure on me now to keep me calm. 
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+Jack D Nice try /co/ Try to use more pony speech next time so one might actually fall for the bait.
agreed. clopping is one of the classiest things u can do. just like wearing a fedora http://24.media.tumblr.com/35fc93ebbbfc3ed70848e8d721756e30/tumblr_mifl38844v1qh6gzao1_500.jpg
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The guy on the stairs too? Omg this is way too good xD
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It's too good hahahaha
Nos volvemos a encontrar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Well that will never work in America. When you ring a bike bell you get told to go fuck yourself 
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Where I'm from its really rude 
chubby walrus
+GhettoBoi619 ???
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Nothing wrong with walking slow, just don't block the whole sidewalk when you do so.
Ryan Rule
but that's the problem, they usually do take up the whole sidewalk, hence you cant get around and forced to walk slow aswell.
I laughed hard in the part with stairs. XD
Homosexual mo!  1:19  LOLOLOLOL
Anthony Burke
Marius Warf
Like a Moses.
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