Meet your meat, why you should become vegetarian





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Published on Jan 2, 2009

All numbers are based entirely off of extensive research done by PETA.

***Feel free to ask any questions or share what you think. Keep it clean, please.***

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Comments • 1,079

Jen B
I am still crying. I have been vegetarian for 5 months and I am tired of hearing. " It's already dead!" So does that make it ok to support the system that does?!
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Jordan Smith
Aaliyah warrior I'm also 12
Jordan Smith
Darkness Falls aj I'm sure every thing will be alright I'm in the same situation I wish people will stop killing animals
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Lara Joy
Arg this is so annoying, and upsetting, you would think after being on this world for so long we would all finally find the decency to actually let animals live and be free, just like we are.
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Lpsgamingfoxlover Long name
I know, they're living too! They have feelings! I hate when ppl say "they're just animals" WELL WE'RE JUST HUMANS!
Grishma S
Doctor Turdmidget yes but they hunt unlike humans who breed them and make them live in these barbaric conditions
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After watching this, im going vegan.. Its cruel to kill innocent animals just to eat them. I cried. Animals are beautiful creatures and shouldnt be food. People where i am is probably going to think im weird, but i care about saving animals then caring about getting weird stares. Vegan life, here i come.
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Cody Gignac
This is bad bait.
Pug girl23
IsaacHVEVO Only when necessary. Humans don't need to eat meat to survive.
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SSpider Kid
I really want to go vegetarian...but seasoned chicken, fried chicken and sausages are so damn good...
Katie Smith
is it bad I cried for the animals during this???
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Lpsgamingfoxlover Long name
Diamond Gamer for.... fruit and vegetables.... right?
Diamond Gamer
I didn't cry for the animals I cried because I was hungry
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Let me make this clear. You can get the same proteins, nutrients, vitamins, etc. from green/vegetarian foods.
Buckminster Buckworth
My mouth watered from beginning to end.
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Cody Gignac
Bridget Veronique Cain Ironic.
Bridget Veronique Cain
Buckminster Buckworth YOU my friend, are the PERFECT example who has nothing to do in their spare time. I bid you good day!
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Olive x
It is fine if you don't really care about what you're eating, that is your choice and many people agree with you. But please don't shove it in our faces that you don't give a crap and keep whining that it "tastes sooo good". Because we do really try to do what we vegetarians think is good. There might be annoying vegetarians saying that turning vegetarian is the only good way, but there are many people who just turn vegetarian because they know it's the good way for them, and them only. Please just keep doing whatever you want, but don't bother others who don't bother you. Because it is bothering to keep hearing about how you don't care.
Marie-France Bruson
If you want to eat meat it is your choice (I sometimes eat meat too) but saying jokes such as" this video make me hungry or make me wanna eat bacon" is heartless and very cruel. Not funny at all. 
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Cody Gignac
Nah, but it's funny to see all these vegan pricks get thrown into a rage.
Jessica Williams
Marie-France Bruson unless your meat is from a local farm it is the norm for mass produced meat
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