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Published on Sep 25, 2010

Freestyle Rap Beats

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I'm gonna roast myself to this. XD
Fredo Santana
Good luck on your record deals everyone 
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Johnnie Vega
Im like a pickup truck, i carry my own weight im like a concert I own the whole stage. yo im El chapa senorioto, I poop chese Like a bag of doritos, Im a knock you out like I was bruce lee Im a free man in my own territory. A lone wolf In my own pack, walking my own track Rhymes yall lack. Emenem even says Im a rap god, rise like apple stocks. lets do some math, 1+2 chains, ima beat his ass. you see me i got a torch, flaiming hot at night without night vision gogels, Hotter than a super model.
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Katy PerryIsHot
smokin rock is all i do.  when im rollin on the block im finna drop it off to you. poppin shots at the cops  with the glock locked and loaded smokin potent   now im flowing floating high as hell.  never fell. still in motion. 
Hey Sista From another Mrs and mista I missed ya So whats up girl whats da sitch huh? Am just here Thinkin of what i did to piss ya OFF I didn't mean blister or diss ya I sit here Thinkin on what I did to get here Remember I was was there before that bitch nigga Ditched ya! Shit yeah! We was close as cameras and flicks   Now am out a da picture?! I picked ya To be my ride or die trick Now we don't mix like two dicks n no bitchaaaaaaaa Shit ya... I never bit but I borrowed dat bit from big cuz He da best to have ever exist-eeeeeed. Ya bitch ass!... Lol
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Che Ach
Yo I pack a bomb in the back of my palm, you got slapped for acting the don, the action is on, I am raw, handled my flaws, now I eat samples and dismantle shit like animal claws, these key thoughts are highly flammable, so I gotta keep em on wax like the wick that makes the candle glow, phantom flow, I battle ghosts with caped lyrics and still break there spirits.....
It's been a while since we've done this again, Don't try to insult me, You know not to take The Lord's name in vain, You claim to be a non-virgin, u WACKASS cracker-but I'm willing to bet the flash couldn't even cum faster! So drop the bong and learn how to put a condom on-cuz ur gunna wanna be safeguarded for this shit. Now PUSH, let me POP my lyricism to hyperdrive and really begin to sickly spit. You Left me at Rosa's!? That was a bitch move Santa! Go, hang out with ur elves & posers (pose•ahs) in Atlanta. Georgia, like the walking dead. In 20 years, you'll be a mindless zombie and still as lonely as Mosby, Ted. Much misled. So run to a mirror and take a look, ur starring at the psychopath responsible for the next sandy hook, So as long as ur a pawn, I'm a rook Checking bitches off as mates before u can even open the gates to get a look. In case u didn't get that-the floodgates are vaginas, but when it comes to u they're more like a dessert states in the himalayas. Got bitches so hot but can't even cook. Cuz my bitch ain't housewife/she's a life house. One flash-that's all it took. Like a no name face, just saw my dick and then wanted a taste. Electrifying you with my D12 Gatorade, ur electrolytes seem down- I think it's all that Estrogen you've got caged. Head's up in the sky and tails below-call me 2 chainz, cuz when I'm with a girl, I wait more than 12 seconds to blow. I tell no lie. Picture the Holocaust, Wanna be a victim of a dick plastered in Tabasco sauce? Cuz what u deserve is 10 times worse, But I'll let bygones be bygones and wave this curse, So it's a Truce, let's dispense with the cataclysms So I'd like to introduce you to the Motherfu
nwo elite
we getting close to the end its like the whole world is off its hinge people trying to pretend everyone wants to win in this rat race chasing that cheese I've seen stuff your wouldn't believe war world 3 is what they after get caught up in the final chapter hearing screams and laughter evil and good doing battle with angles and shadows the truth is hard to unravel but i stand my ground tho and hold on to my soul hidden message in my flow so u know whats really going on around your zone
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You're rollin the dice but keep getting snake eyes While i be layin down beats in the friendly skies You an old man who's tryin to be fly U air and guess what, you about to die I slay cats on the microphone Listen up too much and i'll split up your dome My raps are like aids Unbeatable Untraceable Your raps ain't nothin but dysfunctional But you ain't like Tech9 if anything you a water gun What's the matter? Try and curse If we could i'd be cutting you up much worse Your raps are weak and god loving I am god fearing and my raps keep on coming Sigh, cry, do whatcha wanna But you just got owned kid, word to ya mama
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you need a staircase to step up to me/ but even then i'll be too far up cuz im above all this negativity/ watch me project my words into energy/ calming tsunamis with a rhyme so legit that its a felony/ i'm not a rapper, a somebody, a legacy/ i'm just an average joe created by God with the right chemistry/ faced my demon head on and called it a coward/ devoured its existence with the help of Christ who brought it down like a rock of a meteor shower
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