Sex Toy Tester Is Still A Virgin





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Published on Apr 9, 2013

Emma Richards is always buzzing because she's had hundreds of orgasms, despite still being a VIRGIN. The 20-year-old has declared she's a proud singleton and would much rather play with her sex toys than ever have sex. Emma even reviews the products for a luxury online store - a hobby most girls only dream of. She said: "I was looking to treat myself to some fancy new underwear on Valentine's Day last year. I'd been single for a while and was feeling lonely - what better way to cheer myself up?

"But instead I discovered sex toys, and that I could review them for free.

"Now I can't get enough of vibrators. No-one loves me romantically so I fill that spot myself.

"I would much rather stay a virgin and just use my sex toys, than sleep with someone that wasn't special. If that means I stay a virgin forever then so be it."

Now restaurant worker Emma, from Leicester, who had never used a sex toy before she stumbled across the site, tests and reviews everything, including Rampant Rabbits, vibrating knickers and even sexy lingerie. Emma reviews products on factors such as comfort, pleasure and the accuracy of the sizes for the company, Lovehoney. She said: "Who better to know my likes and dislikes in sex toys and lingerie than me?

"I've not had a boyfriend since I was 16 and I'm still a virgin, but it's just never bothered me.

"Getting under the covers late at night and using a toy makes me feel really naughty - especially when I know my parents are in.

"I orgasm about three times a week. The very first time it came as a bit of a surprise - I didn't know what to expect - especially how shakey my legs went. I was like Bambi.

"If everyone could have the job of testing sex toys then they would."

Reviewing sex toys has also encouraged Emma to try new products for herself, and she is now the proud owner of 10 different vibrators of all shapes and sizes. She said: "My favourite is one that charges by USB. The amount I use them my vibrators can really go through batteries, so this is a great way to charge it. It's perfect for the modern woman.

"My mum came in once when it was plugged into my computer. It's only small but I was sure she was going to see the flashing charging light and know what I'd been up to.

"I was desperately trying not to look at it because I knew as soon as I did she would look too.

"I'm not ashamed of what I do at all - but I draw the line at telling my parents."

The company send her the products in discreetly wrapped packages, which Emma whisks straight upstairs to stop her mum and dad asking too many questions.

She said: "I love it when a delivery arrives. I take it up to my room and tear it open to see what treat is inside.

"Usually I'll wait a few days to use it though - I like to be in the mood.

"I can sign up to test anything, but obviously the company control the things they send me - there would be no point sending me products meant for couples as I don't have a boyfriend to try them with.

"They sent me my first Rabbit. I'd used smaller things like a bullet before but I hadn't ever wanted a Rabbit. It was a top of the range fancy one as well.

"I didn't even know what to do with it when it first arrived - they're so big and extravagant - but I soon picked it up.

"I once tested a bridal garter belt and stockings. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen - it was lovely. I was almost too scared to put it on.

"Whether it's a new dress, a camera or a vibrator you're thinking about buying online - it's nice to know what other people think of it."

Although Emma does not get paid to test the toys and lingerie, she does get to keep all the products. And most of her friends don't have a clue what she gets up to in her spare time. She said: "I don't tell my friends outright that I use toys but one or two of them have an idea. No-one knows that I test them but it doesn't bother me anyway.

"Going out and sleeping with a different guy every night just doesn't appeal to me. I'm practically an advert for safe sex."

Emma has no plans to stop testing products in the future, and would continue to do so even if she got a boyfriend. She said: "I don't see any problem with using sex toys - alone or as a couple.

"Signing into my emails to see what's on the way is great. I love getting a surprise.

"I get products randomly. I can go three or four months without getting anything, then get a couple of things in a month.

"If I had never found the website I would have been just as happy without sex toys - it's just an added bonus."


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