Faker Yasuo, Mid vs Katarina, 고전파 야스오





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Published on Jan 3, 2014

Another Faker Yasuo game, this time in his home, the mid-lane. Subscribe for more Korean VODs & commentaries: http://bit.ly/IolvW3

**Note: The game cuts off about 20 seconds before finish, but the losing team quickly surrenders. The only replay available for this game had this bug. Apologies in advance if it is anti-climatic.

Runes: http://i.imgur.com/Z8LF4Py.png
Masteries: http://i.imgur.com/jP4AL3s.png

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Full player names:

Graves: 호크형
Katarina: Belief in Lulu
Olaf: KT Leopard
Cho'Gath: Midas FIO 한기현
Sona: 쪼렙이다말로하자

Yasuo: SKT T1 Faker
Rengar: 파랑 제이스
Sivir: BoRoona
Evelynn: 챌린저달리기2호
Malphite: 태경롤


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