MF Woolly - Drop (1st Single From "Chrome & Ivory")w/Lyrics





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Published on Jan 20, 2009

Intro: Super!(x7) su su su su su su su su!
Verse 1:
They say the drums come first, second place lays the verse/
third lane pain killers take you out your world of hurt/
and when them polar cap quotes leave you looking like a smurf/
he's frost bitten from the writtens, no we dipping in a hurst/
so now the death toll heightens, these other rappers syphon/
for the dumb young buck, that means your favorite rapper sucks/
and those who roll with molemen, they known to hold a gold pen/
when then the mammoth in the middle is the real spin then/
but i don't even have to rhyme, and i don't even have to riddle/
you can meet me halfway and you still will feel my spittle/
and the wide eyed talk, will leave you sidewalk chalked/
with payola to the holder of the mighty gray crayola/
it ain't over just beginning/
got my second wind in/
saying woolly lost a step during slumber, are you kidding?/
cause every record yo i'm ripping/
nodding heads from the states all the way to great britain/
and the speech won't cease until i'm heating all the streets/
but i'd rather slow cook then flash fry you on the beat/
the words will infiltrate the brain, taking over your medulla/
and my style's so slick it's like my name was rick the ruler/
Chorus x1:
Granddaddy got fans from slums, burbs, and blocks/
ladies all diggin me cause they know the double's hot/
even got the old heads slinging over plenty props/
and the all saying "woolly when that album gonna" mm...drop!/
Verse 2:
And I tell them pretty soon/
it's the union of the mammoth and the metal fingers doom/
cranking out the tunes, let the bass go boom/
that the young lad sings and the old soul croons/
lightweight, but i still will give to you pound for pound/
and this is over your head so don't call it underground/
maybe you would understand if mammoth villain broke it down/
quick spit flipper/
bigger than the dipper, but you fall if you a star/
so i rather be like mars/
this a universal verbal, rhymes tighter than a girdle/
more hip hop than a hundred meter hurdles/
when my tracks hit the field, all attention they will steal/
and my segways are better than that thing on two wheels/
and they run twice as cheap/
survival seems bleak for the rapping pipsqueaks, he what happened to the beat, uhhh/
that sounds better, getting more clever/
why is green called chedder/
and chedder called cake/
and cake called dough/
and if dough is why we flow, why not title it a liquid/
this is getting too specific, and a bit eccentric/
vivid is what's scripted in the form of brainteasers/
that will vomit from your speaker/
and i know half of ya'll probably don't get what i'm saying/
so i think i'll make a remix that'll cater to the layman/
Chorus x1:
Yo woolly i was with you at first, but now i'm not/
getting too complex, head scratching in the spot/
take it back to high school nigga that's when you was hot/
let us digest this first you should let the record mm...drop!/
Verse 3:
Ticky ticky tock, 12 o'clock on the dot/
got a bag of greenbacks suppose to meet them at the docks/
this his first operation, two years he been waiting/
this is something he was craving, check his nerves he kinda shaking/
make sure it goes right/
either bring back the cash, bring back the white, or i get your life/
what his bossman uttered/
this transaction better be as smooth as butter/
not one single stutter/
go time nigga, said his shotgun bud/
get the 12 gauge handy looking like an elmer fudd/
we go up and make the swap/
and make a clean leave, no attention from the cops get it ready for the block/
seemed all good and well, till loose broke hell/
rang out a shell, and one body fell/
and it wasn't mr. white, or mr. whites right/
bud popped the shell so i guess we say goodnight/
to mr. first timer which would also be his last/
they took the coke and the cash/
left him rotting like the trash/
did him dirty like the dishes, got him sleeping with the fishes/
i feel bad so tell his fam, bud sends his best wishes, haha/
Chorus x1:
He was a youngin with the dreams of pushing up on the block/
big homes, fancy whips yeah he want them on the lot/
but i got big plans, in them homie you are not/
so i blew off your top on your very first mm....drop!/
Outro: Super!(x7) su su su su su su su su! (x2) mm...drop!

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