Sweat (Princeton Story) Ch. 11





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Published on Jul 5, 2012

Okay so....It's up....I don't feel good....and SORRY FOR THE WAIT!

Marilyn's POV

I sighed and ran my fingers through my curly hair. And walked through the halls. I was soon knocked down when Princeton came running and falling on top of me. At first i thought he was just being an Ass but he leaned against the wall, holding his arm in pain. My eyes bulged in shock. His arm was leaking with a red liquid as i threw his arm over my shoulder. I carried him to my office. I'm kinda like the doctor for us. I layed him on top of my desk as he stifled a smile. "Your gonna fuck me on your desk...?" He said breathing hard, trying to joke away his pain. I rolls my eyes. Even when he is shot, he's a complete ass.

I took off his shirt as i saw his side partially cut with blood seeping through the skin. I covered my mouth, What the hell happened to him? I got out the first aid kit and a needle. He saw it and nearly feel off the counter. If i hadn't held him then he would have been in more pain. "What's Wrong?" He just shook his head. I got an interesting Idea, I put the needle to his skin feeling him squirm in my touch. This boy is afraid of a NEEDLE?! I huffed in exasperation and stitched his side up. I put a rap around his hard abs to stop the blood flow. I moves to his arm and bit my lip nervously. "This is going to hurt...."

He breathed and groaned in agony as i pulled the bullet out of his skin. I tried to calm him down anyway i could. His movement and fidgeting was preventing me from successfully healing him. I layed my hand on his chest. "Pri-Princeton....I need you to calm down....please calm down..." He shook his head at the bullets pierced in his skin. I didn't know how to get him relaxed, His muscles where tense, As i pondered on what to do. I slowly, leaned down and kissed him. I felt him relax at the touch and i removed the bullet. I pulled away and sighed.

As much as I kiss him and as much as he messes with me, It gets harder and harder to hate him. I stitched his arm, hearing him hiss in pain. I ran my fingers through his thick curls and relaxed him. Soon I as completed and I rapped the bandage around his arm. "I....uh....I was walking.....and i saw.....Well....I THOUGHT...I saw this GUY and he just....ambushed me" He explained as i continued to rap the bandage around his arm. I stop abruptly wondering if there was a killer in our mist.

"Well, did he say anything.....or...What did he look like?" I asked urgently, taping up the bandage.

"I didn't see his face....but he said "Stay away from my girl..." or some shit like that i don't really know." I processed what he said carefully, Was the person talking about me? The only person i was close enough to call me his was Jacob, and He's dead right? I shook my head in disbelief, and helped him off my desk. I was talking to him when The door was kicked down. I stared in shock looking at the person's face as the men surrounded us. We were being infultraited....By Brianna.


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