Speeding Yamaha R6 Hits Truck Head On Yamaha R6 Crash





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Published on Sep 3, 2011

Speeding Yamaha R6 Hits Truck Head On

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Bill Taylor
the bike was not pitched over enough to indicate that it was at its maximum ability to make the turn. The rider was beyond his ability and made a fatal mistake: Looking at the truck and not where he wanted the bike to go. Look at the road ahead even in a high speed turn and the bike will go there. Look at the truck and it will go there too. He panicked and it cost him dearly. Any time you are riding motorcycle, bicycle, even water skis. You will go where you are looking.
dan richards
+SPEED BALL my throttle stuck and scared the pure living shit out of me. It was my first bike and it threw me back and made me throttle it more. I think I was doing a wheelie. I got off and said I'm taking it back. Not riding a motorcycle ever again. A guy calmed me down and I got back on it. Later found out the tension was too tight. I didn't know anything about bikes at the time.
Thu Nell
+Bill Taylor so true...
barry wirth
I hope he died.
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Andrew Li
rottncf no sympathy for the idiot on the bike who had no idea what he was doing. Any moron can get any type of license these days
No mistake here...motorcyclist was speeding into a near blind curve, and physics took over. You should save your sympathy for the truck driver.
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Dude got FUCKED up!  On the bright side, at least he didn't kill the other driver, which very well might have been the case, had it been a car.  What a way to go: feeling like the world's biggest asshole the last 2 seconds of your life.
+gdfschimpi007 TWO riders?  The passenger must have spent the last 2 seconds of his life SO fucking pissed.
Both riders were killed.
Amani Denholm
no pain there
miguel mkirbydollaz
I think I'm a change my mind getting a bike
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+charlie davoine A dirt bike maybe, but not a street bike unless you're doing it illegally. You look no older than 15. Nice try though.
charlie davoine
+TheGoldenSaber haha ive only ridden a bike. Every day for 5 years
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Rider was NOT speeding.. every rider can see that.. poor judgement and riding above his ability/limits.. most likely knew he was going wide and smashed the brakes making the problem worse and sending him even wider.. it's hard riding a sportsbike, can't just jump on and expect to know everything
Chazz Jocazzi
No fake on this one....should've  kept his line and headed straight for bush-country to the right of the truck. Would've been damaged BUT at least it could have given him a chance. PANICKED. Grabbed brakes, and target fixation did the rest. Worst head-on I've ever seen....RIP pal.
Chazz Jocazzi
+Squid WithGear Yeah...pals.The pilot wasn't much of a pal to his pal, though... Wrong side of the road at madness speed.
Squid WithGear
Squid WithGear
This video has stuck with me throughout the years. Thinking about things like this is one of the reasons I chose to get rid of my sportbike and get a supermoto... much easier to have fun while going 20mph on a supermoto than 100mph omn a sportbike.
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Senthu Vettivet
+LOLS So do I, but I'm not as detailed as you...just looks like a bike to me.
+oziumzx i have a 2006 yamaha yzf-r6 judging by the look of that bike, i do believe that it is a r6
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cAnYoN-carvers CALi
Safe to say he didn't make it 😥
Hope the truck wasn't damaged.
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Ryden Swalwell
Quitter, disrespect.
Anthony J. Di Sano
+Ryden Swalwell I treat people the way the way I want to be treated. General regard for other humans is something completely different. It appears you like to assume a lot, also. ...but I'm not going to sit here and name call. I have no interest in wasting any more of my time as you you seem a bit discombobulated with a narrow view of what surrounds you. Good luck with that!
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