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Published on Jun 22, 2013

Energy in food and beverages is blocked from getting out... by electricity!

Prove it with a one-second test (www.QRA.me). Whether you use a refractometer, or QRA or BDORT or even kinesiology to test the energy in food, find that 99% of all our food tests week. Free one-minute lesson at www.QRA.me so you can use it for life.

The moment food or beverage comes near electricity, the molecules in that food or drink start spinning counter-clockwise, unconditionally guaranteed to weaken food, drinks, humans, clothing, and more. No need to believe it, test it and see. (www.QRA.me)

Also raising the polarity (exponentially, for the first time in history), FoodBoosters make EVERY food test stronger, energetically. Would you rather eat food that makes your body instantly test weaker.... or food that makes you test stronger? Why would we eat something that makes us weak?

You might start by making an O-ring with your thumb and finger, and having someone gently pry it apart just 1/4-inch or so, just to see how strong or weak you are.

Now, hold any food against your chest with left hand, and do the test again with your right hand. Test a dozen foods, then come back.

Isn't that amazing? Some foods make you strong, some make you weak. The stronger you get from a food being near you, the more energy it's going to deliver to you, more nutrition. It's just that simple.

We have dozens and dozens of people reporting that their food requirements go down by 30, 40, even 50%... not in several months... rather, IN THEIR FIRST WEEK!

Yes, there's a catch, three of them, actually:

1) Psychology of Longevity does not want you to believe anything. Trust, but verify!
You must learn to do the one-second bidigital test, so that you and a friend can test the energy of literally anything and everything you can touch or point to. --- If the instructions here are not sufficient (there are many bidigital tests you can use, accurately, and instantly), just visit www.QRA.me to take a lesson right now, on the house, of course. (No charge for any of our 2,389 health-and-wealth websites).

2) In order to seriously reduce your food intake, getting the fullest energy benefits of FoodBoosters, you need to touch the FoodBoosters to your glass or plate or container for one to five seconds....... EVERYTHING you eat and drink, including a glass of water.

Everything, but everything close to electricity is wrapped in a blanket of frequencies that block energy from being delivered. FoodBoosters, just like QVials, and EnergyVials and SuperchargedLasers, convert those polluting frequencies into beneficial frequencies.. the results of which are immediately testable using QRA or BDORT, even CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis)

These are the most accurate energy tests you are likely to find in your lifetime, they prove correct 100% of the time.

3) The third "catch" is that, if you are only eating junk, you WILL make the food test stronger when you touch it to the tiny glass FoodBoosters vial, but we know that the benefit is only a fraction of what is energetically and nutritionally delivered when you use FoodBoosters with real food, food that was alive at some point, not processed.

Ultimately, the more you learn, the wiser your decisions tend to be.
From http://QRA.me and http://QRA.name and http://Q-R-A.com, (and many other Quantum Reflex Analysis websites), to http://Shapetalk.com, and http://EnerVials.com and http://QVials.com, the Psychology of Longevity delivers the best information on earth, and some of the best and most amazing devices and new inventions on earth.

Dedicated to the newest, most advanced technologies for human and pet improvement.

Learn more, to live more, naturally!
www.FoodBoosters.com ... www.SuperchargedLasers.com and thousands of other self-empowerment websites, with MILLIONS of unique pages, to help you to help yourself... all within the delightful development of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, designed for YOUR life, to help you to help yourself and those you care for... in pursuit of enabling you, better-equipping you, to help the helpless.

www.HealthiestWebsite.com www.HealthiestWebsites.com, www.healthiest.ws, and so much more, from www.shapetalk.com and www.shapelinks.com, to a great, delicious range of Fibonacci websites, shortcuts websites, and more.

Learn more, so you can live more.

Allow Foodboosters to help you get more energy from every food and drink. Nutrition and energy, boosted naturally. Energy in food does NOT have to be blocked. Get the most nutrition and you'll need less food. The less you eat, the longer and stronger you live... thanks to the natural energy in good foods.


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