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Published on Mar 18, 2010

About Christ as symbolized by a goldsmith and the words of God as gold, and about how these words should be transmitted to people with the love of God, an upright conscience, and their five senses under control, and about how the preachers of God should be diligent rather than lazy in selling the gold, that is, in transmitting the word of God.
The eighth talent is the just administration of the temporal goods given to one, meaning that a rich person, as far as his means allow, should give to the poor with divine charity. But you might ask: 'What should a poor person who owns nothing give?' He should have the right intention and think the following thoughts: 'If I had anything, I would gladly give it generously.' Such an intention is counted for him as a deed. If the poor man's intention is such that he would like to have temporal possessions like others but only intends to give a small sum and mere trifles to the poor, this intention is reckoned for him as a small deed. Therefore a rich person with possessions should practice charity. A needy person should have the intention of giving, and it will gain him merit. Whoever gives more weight to the temporal than to the spiritual, whoever gives me one shilling and the world a hundred and himself a thousand does not use a fair measuring standard. A person who uses a measuring standard like that does not deserve to have my gold. I, the giver of all things, who can also take all things away, deserve the worthier share.

Temporal goods were created for human use and necessity, not for superfluity. The ninth talent is the careful examination of times gone and past. A person should examine his deeds, what sort of deeds they were, their number, how he has corrected them and with what merit. He should also consider whether his good works were fewer than his bad. If he should find his bad works to be more numerous than his good, then he should have a perfect purpose of amendment and be truly contrite for his misdeeds. This intention, if it be true and firm, will weigh more in God's sight than all his sins.

The tenth talent is the consideration of and planning for future time. If a person has the intention of not wanting to love anything but the things of God, of not desiring anything but what he knows to be pleasing to God, of willingly and patiently embracing difficulties, even the pains of hell, were that to give God any consolation and were it to be God's will, then this talent excels all the rest. Through this talent all dangers are easily avoided. Whoever pays these ten talents will get my gold.

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Steve R
You are screwed up as it's now Sept 25 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
steven laughs
What!! omg! When!!? lol.. Woops, kinda miscalculated on that one huh..?
Iran dangers world ... Iran killed 66,645,660 gay men in 1980s.... but blamed it on aids... Iran caused Sandy hurricane ... Sandy code for SAND .. Sand of Iran... terrorism by weather.... Iran killed Jews in Germany , blamed it on Hitler.. Iran did 9/11, blamed it on Zionists .... Iran caused WW1 & WW2 , blamed it on Germany ... Iran nuked Japan , invaded Vietnam & Panama, then blamed USA, Now Iran wish move Israel to sea too... NO... we smart people must stop mullahs of Iran
Hey Trevor, what has Iran done "wrong"..hmm. How about threatening genocide of the "Zionists"... Are you retarded by any chance? 
And Fascism are based on the same principal fool people into thinking you care about them and betray them in the end fascism defined by Mussolini was a group of sticks tied together to be stronger than they were originally a Communist inspired metaphor about people joining together to be stronger than they originally were.
Both Comunism qnd
They misinform people about how things actually work in they're countries and say the rich prey upon the poor in Capitalist countries when they don't really care about the poor in the first place in such countries the dictatorships of Communists never turn over power to the people because they're all rich egomaniacs in Communist Cuba you can be imprisoned for being gay just like things are in Fascistdictatorships like Hitler's Communists don't care about anyone's human rights.
I'm talking about the real Communist Russia moron your just being a normal retarded sheep thinking the poor aren't preyed on by the rich in such countries in both countries they misinformed the poor about caring for them but didn't .
trevor martins
have you been to these place's ? do you have prof ? 
trevor martins
why are you talking about russia ?
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