The Jonas Sister- Chapter 24: Water





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Published on Aug 16, 2008

Chapter 24

(This chapter is from Nick's point of view)

It's been awesome since Katie's join us in New York. She has been living with us on the tour bus and in the hotels. She sings A little bit longer with me every night. I know that she went threw so much pain and that song gives her hope. It's as emotional for her as for me. I love performing with here. She has a geat stage presence. So, since she's with us, we tried to do as many activities as possible. She's always up for anything. We're in Florida for two days. It's soooo hot!

- Common Joe! It's time to get up! Katie screams from the front of the bus
- We're going to the beach! Kevin says, excited

It takes a while for Joe to get up, but he finally does and we arrive at the beach. Me and my brothers take our shirts off (we already are wearing our bathing suits). We get out of the bus and admire the ocean while Katie's changing. She comes out in a a pretty silver bikini.

- Whoa! Well, that's revealing! Kevin says
- KEVIN! Katie screams, blushing
- I think it looks really good, I say
- Agreed! Joe says
- Ok. Ok. It's true! It's fine! Kevin says
- Thanks! Katie says
- Anyways! TO THE WATER! Joe screams

The three of us run and throw ourselves in the waves. Katie stays behind, hesitantly looking at the water. She has never been reslly confortable around water. She can swim, but for some reason as always been scared of it.

- Common Katie! Joe screams
- Nothing's going to happen to you. We're right here! Kevin says
- It's really good! I say
- Oh okay! She says joining us in the water

We play for a while in the water, splashing each other and fooling around. We come out, soking wet and a Big Rob comes to us.

- Guys! This guy says you can come tubing behind his motor boat...Interested? He asks
- Ummm...Katie and I start
- YEAH!! Kevin and Joe scream
- I guess it's going to be fun...Katie says
- It will! Common! I say

We go join the guy and he's really nice. It's a two place tube. Kevin and Joe go first while Katie and I are in the boat with the driver.

- Let's gooo! Kevin screams as the boat starts
- Wooooohoooo! They both scream during all the ride

Katie and I laugh, because it's hilarious to see their faces. We're going really fast and when the tube jumps on waves it's crazy! They get off and it's our turn. Katie seems a little nervous. I take her hand.

- Hey! Have some fun! I say
- Ya..You're right! Let's go! She answers
- I'm telling you guys...It's the most amazing thing ever! Kevin says
- Oh yeah! Joe agrees

We get in the tube. We're sitting one next to the other. The motor starts and we take off.. Man! It goes a lot faster than it looks. Katie's screaming and laughing. Me two. Well, for the laughing part.. Then, we see a big wave coming! OMG! We jump like....extremely high and Katie screams so loud! When we land I can hear her kinda...whining. I look at her. She's holding on for dear life on the handles. We're still going really fast and we're both all wet. It's difficult to talk.. The boat does a loop and it's really cool. I laugh and scream : WOOOO. I look at Katie again and my smile drops. She seems really scared. As difficult as it is, she is able to say :

- NICK! I'm going to fall! I'm scared!
- You're not going to fall! Have some fun!
- Please! Listen to m...She starts but doesn't have time to finish because we jump on the biggest wave of all. After we land I wipe my face quickly and look towards Katie.
- You see! It wasn't that...I start

She's gone. Not in the tube anymore. I look back and can't see her.

- STOP! STOP! I yell as loudly as possible because it's difficult for them to hear me on the boat.

They are not even looking at us. Oh god! I jump off the tube. Ouch! We were still going full speed. The water is like ciment when you hit it! I look around and try to find Katie.

- KATIE! I yell turning around on myself

Then, I saw her. I will never forget it. There she was, facing down floating...and not moving.


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