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Published on Nov 23, 2011

Its From/By TheSammy15z
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Anna Joelle
My golden passed away in late 2013 at 15 years old. I only ever heard him bark once or twice a day, and when he got older he never barked at all. He never bit or even growled at anyone. He would never bark at new people; he would just walk up to them and gently nudge his head into their palm to get them to pet him. He always looked like he was smiling. He was the sweetest, most gentle dog I've ever met in my life. I love him so much. Rest in peace, my sweet Sammy. <3
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Darcy Porch
+Anna Joelle I also had a golden retriever :) He passed away at about 10 years old, (to early) He was so gentle and everyone loved him. I dont think that i would want one again because it would bring back so much memories and feel like i'm replacing him.
+Anna Joelle My golden passed late 2013 as well. She was the sweetest thing- I only ever heard her bark once. She sure was a very gentle and loving dog. Very tame, but loved people and other dogs. I also have to say, I've never met a golden retriever I didn't like.
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Vanessa G
I owned a golden retriever, and it was the strongest bond I have ever had with a dog. I miss my baby. <3 This video is very accurate. Thanks for posting. 
Luke Korupp
+Vanessa Green rest in pepperoni
R.I.P i am sad now
Austin Flinn
i have never heard of golden retrievers being agressive at all. that amazed me
+Austin Flinn I have, twice...mostly when he didn't want to move from his spot. When they start growling, its important to deal with it swift and harshly. That's not to say you should intervene all the time, it is essentially a message to "leave me alone" and if they are being bother by other dogs he feels are being overbearing. If that's just a growl and a bark and the other dogs backs away that's fine I'd say, but a dog should never growl to a human.
Tyler Joles
My golden is a complete turd. But I love him to death
my goldie never growled or bite anyone in all her lifetime, love her.
+Lorelei Haywood Same, my golden retriever is quite food possessive.
Lorelei Haywood
Ours growled only if someone tried to take her food
marcus flatt
watching this makes me miss my golden retriever, chow mix. I loved that dog until he had to be put down back in 2012. Basically he had gotten cancer in his mouth which devastated me.
Luke Korupp
+marcus flatt rest in pepperoni
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+connie marie: black people?? That's strange: all the aggressive owners of pits I have come across are white (and I'm white)...
connie marie
There loving dogs pits are there cute and soooo friendly unless you treat them wrong and train them to fight a lot of black people do that.and pits used to be the #1 family dog untell black people trained them to fight
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Average weight of 65 pounds?! I must have monsters. One is tipping the scales at 85, and the other at 75, and according to the vet, they're a perfect weight for their size.
RIGHT?! Imagine my surprise when my male labrador retriever reached a whopping 95 pounds. And he is in incredible shape.
Shelby McDeezie
Maybe the bite rate has gone up because people don't know how to treat them. My golden has never bit anyone. If at all, he let out a warning growl when you did something he didn't like.
my golden NEVER bit anyone. no idea what they're talking about. kinda funny when they say it's not a guard dog, unless the intruder doesn't like getting licked. yet somehow it's a biter lol
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Chiyo Mihama
My golden loved other people but hated other dogs
Exactly! Which is way saying some lines of Goldens have been shown to harbor aggresive behavior, doesn't mean they don't what they're talking about. 
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