Does Nail Art Prove That Anything Can Be A Canvas for Artistic Expression?





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Published on Jul 4, 2012

Nail Art is all over the internetz, and suddenly it is a THING. The crazier the nail art, the more we marvel at the technique and time that went into it. But is there an artistic message behind these little cuticle canvases? Nail Art may seem superficial and trivial, but its fleeting nature allows it to be a purely free expression, and it's pretty to boot. Nail art makes us wonder if anything, given enough creativity, can be a canvas for artistic expression.

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This episode features amazing Nail Art work from:
http://www.youtube.com/SimpleLittlePl... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAahjb...
Go check out their sites for more awesome Nail Art.

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Revolution Void

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Life of a kid cosplayer
Craft becomes art when it means something to the artist 
Elouj Time Reaver
I feel that all craft is art, this is evident by the high value placed on the qualities and eccentricities of different craftsman. Think of the weapon collectors, the strong opinions among some professional cooks about different cookware manufacturers, and the desirability placed on silver silverware. The reason people do not consider crafts to be art forms is because they are usually expressing something that is taken to be intrinsic to the human experience. Such as survival, eating, or utilitarianism. I would rather posit that those are not intrinsic to the human experience, but rather the human experience has come to be how it is due to humans' sometimes subconscious love of those art forms. Humans could survive without weaponry and cookware and painted nails, but we pursue them anyway, they are considered better. The aesthetic of humans being superior to other creatures due to their appreciation and use of crafts is like a connoisseur in nature. Utility, usability, comfort, and attractiveness are art forms that have become so prevalent that to be without them is considered inhuman. Anthropomorphism in behavior is not something acting human really, it is more something acting like our in group, our highschool clique that has now transcended individual cultures. Humans can exist without craft and culture, just as humans can exist without music, and paintings, and video games. Craft is artistic expression that shapes our interaction with the world, rather than just our observation of things within it. Video games are becoming a self contained instance of this, and they are officially, art. Great art has been shaping our perspectives for millenia, and so has craft, craft also allows us to shape how we shape our perspectives. Without the beautiful structures of the paint brush, painting would not exist. Craft is art that facilitates the creation of art. So I would say all craft is art, craft is art in its purest most creative form. To make a masterpiece is to shape the minds of all who see it, to craft a masterpiece is to shape the minds of those who will make masterpieces. From fire to pan to delicacy, all are art forms of further abstraction. All of them can be appreciated on the same measures of artisticness, but only in the closer levels of abstraction can your art create more art. The most worthwhile arts do not merely inspire, they are the medium and tools used to make that inspiration a reality.
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Jack Solus
Death the kid is gonna get you for what you said about symmetry. 
Nathaniel Gibbons
A big question that immediately crosses my mind is if art requires intent on being artistic or creative. Someone may instinctively do something as part of their daily routine not intend to be creative, but others may see it as art for whatever reason. This then relates to your death of the author episode, if someone UNINTENTIONALLY makes art, then it up to the beholder to see it as art.
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People have already made two genres based on whether art is good or bad: Art and Not Art. And the repercussions have been a mess ever since.
Maybe art is in the eyes of the beholder. A person looks at an object, and it is art to them if it connects them to someone who has manipulated said object.
Richard Fulk
I guess when I decide it does. 
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Timothy Mercier
Art is, to me, the expression of emotion or idea. I feel there to be no difference between art and craft, because of this.
Trevor Cory
I thought this was about art made with nail's that you hammer with. lol now I must make sumthing out of nails
Kenneth Mionnet
Surely the Pillow Book is relevant here.

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