LV's Random F-Zero X Races #7: Joker Cup - Master Class - Hyper Speeder





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Published on Apr 2, 2011

In this video, the last cup of F-Zero X is about to roll as I do the Joker Cup playing as Beastman and his Hyper Speeder. For the Hyper Speeder, it's more or less nearly identical to how I described the Space Angler. Take the White Cat's stats (C-C-A) and make it heavier this time instead of lighter. This makes the machine more durable with a higher maxspeed, but the acceleration is below par. This is one of the few machines in which I like to change the car's palette as I do in this run. Also, for the record, contrary to what you might believe, the choices of the last three cars (including this one) is merely a coincidence, just as a note.

The Joker Cup has the hardest set of courses in the game (that is not taking into account the Expansion Kit courses which I unfortunately never had a chance to play). You must know your way around the game's mechanics if you hope to survive, and the Master class makes it more brutal. A lot of tracks are very long and will test your ship's endurance with boost consumption. The tracks dangers can range from tricky turns to dangerous jumps. This cup is not for the novice racer.

Track #1 - Rainbow Road ~ Psychedelic Experience: It shouldn't be surprising if you get Mario Kart 64 vibes from this track. It was made that way on purpose as an homage to said game. This is one of the longest courses in the game. It sports several areas with no railing and has no dash plates whatsoever meaning you must use your boosts sparingly. There are also mine traps near the end where the pit zone is stationed. However, along with the length, the main issue is the road's design. Don't be trippin' on rainbows or you'll regret it.
-Personal Bests: Time - 1'53"738, Top Speed - 2022 km/h, Best Lap - 35"557

Track #2 - Devil's Forest 3 ~ Mirror Road: For this being the Joker Cup, this track is relatively tame. It's an average size course, but the thing is that you are pretty much going through the same area twice in one lap, in a sense. There are no dash plates, and there are a few areas without rails, but compared to what lies ahead, this is a breather course. Yes, this is taking into account the small pipe section in the end.
-Personal Bests: Time - 1'08"939, Top Speed - 1437 km/h, Best Lap - 20"686

Track #3 - Space Plant ~ Cylinder & High Jump: This course is another one that's on a bit on the long side. The portion where the cylinder is place sports a few sneaky turns to it where losing control of your machine is a possibility. The high jump isn't much of a problem, though, as long as you maintain stability in the air. The real problem is near the end where you have ice patches and very thin pit zone areas where you might not get enough energy to finish if you can stay in them long enough.
-Personal Bests: Time - 1'48"400, Top Speed - 1677 km/h, Best Lap - 33"175

Track #4 - Sand Ocean 2 ~ Wave Panic: This can be an annoying track as this may resemble one of those bumpy, off-road, dirt tracks. This course is full easy curves, but the wavy roads can make these simple turns into nightmarish wreck to the unprepared. Keep that machine stable as you go flying around the course at some places. Also, as of this current moment, this is the only course where I have not defeated the Staff Ghost as I have beaten all of the others. A highly annoying course, indeed.
-Personal Bests: Time - 1'27"647, Top Speed - 1197 km/h, Best Lap - 27"518

Track #5 - Port Town 2 ~ Snake Road: Speaking of homages, this track direcetly taken from the course from the original F-Zero which bears the same name. However, the are no track hazards like the original. This is a pure skill course with lots of sharp turns plus a few hairpins along the way. This will surely test your reflexes as you will go as fast as you can towards the finish. This is one of my favorite courses.
Personal Bests: Time - 1'36"701, Top Speed - 1376 km/h, Best Lap - 29"605

Track #6 - Big Hand ~ Deadly Curves: The last, longest, and most dangerous track in the game is here in Big Hand. Named for the fact that the course literally resmembles a "big hand," this track is full of even nastier hairpins and sharp turns. It doesn't help that there is an early section without rails and a lengthy ice patch right in the middle of it all, and the complete absence of dash plates will make this a true endurance test for your machine as far as boosting goes. Make as much use of the pit areas in the middle and in the end of the course because you will most definitely need them to survive the course.
-Personal Bests: Time - 2'06"943, Top Speed - 1211 km/h, Best Lap - 39"414

I felt that this was an okay run. Of course, a few areas could be a bit smoother, but it still wasn't anything catastrophic, so I'll take it. Well, this is it for F-Zero X for now. I hope that you all enjoyed this little video set and thanks for watching.


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