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Published on Dec 12, 2012

If you're inspired to try these great Christmas projects, see the full instructions below.

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Cardboard tube 'inners' about 4" or 10cm long. (2 more than the number of crackers you are making
Cracker 'snaps' -- one for each
Paper -- 33cm long and 25cm wide -- 1 per cracker Jokes, hats, surprises etc to put in them
Ribbons, trims and things to decorate them.
A glue gun, strong double sided tape, or fast drying clear glue
Tracing wheel or sewing machine for perforating (optional)

1. Mark the centre line of the inners in at least one place. This makes lining everything up much simpler.
2. Mark the centre line of the paper, 16.5cm. If you are going to perforate the paper to make the cracker easier to pull apart, now is the time to do it, along that line. Use a tracing wheel and a ruler to do it, or run it through an unthreaded sewing machine with a long stitch.
3. Now, line up three inners along a long edge of the paper. Glue the middle one down, lining up the centre lines first. The other two are just there to help the rolling and tying process. Roll up the cracker, making sure the paper at the ends is straight, and then glue it down.
4. Thread the cracker snap into place, and slide in the hat, joke and surprise.
5. Decorate the middle by wrapping a fancy ribbon or trims around it and gluing down at the back where the join is.
6. Now, make sure the centre line of the two helper inners are lined up with the edges of the paper. Half in, half out. We are now going to tie the cracker. Using about a 40cm length of narrow ribbon, cord or string, wrap it around the cracker, about half way between the inner and one of the helper inners.
7. Wrap the tie around it, tie a half reef knot, and gently start to tighten it. When the paper starts to crumple up, turn it gently, sliding the knot around at the same time (this makes the knot nice and even in the middle). Keep pulling the knot tighter. Tie the ribbon in a bow. Repeat on the other side.
8. Slide out the helper inners and your cracker is done! If you want to, finish the cracker off with a little decoration.

Use paper or fabric napkins. I used natural-coloured cotton napkins picked up on sale from a homeware store. You can make your own simply by hemming squares of fabric, or just finish them with pinking shears.
Wrap a wide piece of ribbon around the rolled napkin and staple. Attach a decoration over the join with "bluetac" or a spot of glue.
Wrap lengths of red and green yarn around the rolled napkin, finally threading through the holes of a big green or red button. Tie the yarns together over the button.
Wrap a piece of green tinsel around the rolled napkin, and bend into a bow shape. Thread two big red beads onto a piece of green thread and use this to tie the tinsel bow closed. Tweak the tinsel until it looks like two leaves with two red berries.
Tie a pretty ribbon around the napkin and make a double bow. This is easy to do -- cut a short length of ribbon and shape into a bow without tying it. Wrap the ribbon around the napkin, and tie this bow into the knot for another bow.


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