White Girl Gets Beat By Dad For Dating Black Guy @hodgetwins





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Published on Aug 7, 2012


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African United Kingdom.. LOL
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Jorden Alex Abplanalp
Darwin African? They look mixed to me
sounds AUKWARD...
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i got a 6 year old daughter and i wouldn't mind if she dated a black guy (When she's old enough). the only thing that matters is if he treats her right and gives her the love and respect that she needs. that's all i care about. fuck the color the only thing that matters is the heart and the personality. 
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yup thats why the white dad beat up his daughter because it was the human side of him
Marion Simuel
+jeff peake that is not true some don't act like that people like white people make them act like that
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Bang4BuckPC Gamer
The dad thinks he won because he beat her, now she gonna want black more than ever. you cant win lol
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Michael Roberts
Bang4BuckPC Gamer yea we can it's called Genocide can't fuck if your dead
+Bang4Buck PC Gamer thats not how that works
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Michael Thwaites
this goes to show you, your not born to be racist, you are taught to be racist
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Marion Simuel
+ddd ooo sad
Im sure every white person has racsim in them. Everyone mock their ancestor's.
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Eddy 155
I'm middle eastern living in the U.S and love both white and black folks. we gotta cut this bullshit off !!! we are all human. Straight up!!
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Marion Simuel
+KB KINGS true
Marion Simuel
very true mlk taught us to stop being rasis but the white still don't know
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Ricky Discer
did this nigga kevin just say, african-united kingdoman
Kryptonian Saiyan
+Ricky Discer almost 4 years later and this shit is still funny.
Lee Louviere
Man, race don't matter. If my underage daughter is caught having sex with anyone from anywhere in the whole damn skittles rainbow, they better hope I keep my senses about me. Otherwise... well, let's just leave it at "Otherwise".
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The Governor
But you'll be especially mad if it's a Mandingo doing your daughter.
Itachi Uchiha
+Lee Louviere that girl gonna do what she wanna do when you not around anyway relax
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African United Kingdom LOL
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Then you must be black?
John Snow
+Hisfavor1 Lol If I ever saw you, I could just penetrate your fucking ass with a street light, crucify you on it, burn your damn body. You are a disgrace to humanity and should not live on this planet.
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To All White Men: Hide and handcuff your daughters and even your wives. She secretly wants black dick and she's just a delivery man away from satisfying that itch..I know because I use to be FedEx driver in snow bunny haven Arizona lol :)
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Matt Petersen
+Vanessa P I saw you posting on another video saying how you like black men. You trolls are pathetic. LOL
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i would beat her too, look at you guys and the way you act, i would never let my daughter date guys like you..
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Love to pray
+sn9696 Black Americans wouldn't think about race if it wasn't for white americans making it a problem. Once again, you're clearly not black. 
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