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Published on Apr 13, 2012

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How to Lose Weight When Everyone Around You is Unhealthy

It's Nichole Kellerman here and we're on to another episode of Health Nugs.
Today, we're onto our part 4 of a 6-part series on How to Lose Weight When Everyone Around You is Unhealthy. If you are dealing more about this issue and new to this series, make sure you click on the links below and watch the other videos as part of the series.
Specifically, we will talk about how to eat healthier when your partner is unhealthy. And I know, so many of my clients (even I) have dealt with that issue. And there are small little tweaks that you can make huge changes to weight loss school.
How to Eating Healthier
Switch out ingredients.
You don't have to tell them that you are doing this (this can be a little secret between you and I). But you can trade out ground turkey instead of ground beef. You can eat some Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. And you can bake instead of frying things.
And I know probably how different with that one in particular but just do it anyway. You'll be pleasantly surprised how healthy food can actually taste good. So many people have this pre-conceived idea , " If it's healthy it tastes like crap." We have these great things called ___ . And you can literally take any traditional and unhealthy meal that you eat and re-vamp it. It's really simple and it needs some minor tweaks of ingredients that can save you a ton of calories
Use smaller plates.
It's small but it's so powerful. We will eat whatever is in front of us. It has been proven time and time again that whatever is in front of us, we will finish it. So using smaller plates can really decrease your overall caloric intake immensely. So when you are like scooping out the food for you in hand, in this smaller or larger plate, just something that I want to bring awareness right now is don't feel resentful already. I remember when I start dating Zack and I'd see him eating and say, "Huh? What he's eating is I can't eat? This is not fair."
What you really have to do in that moment is you have to really put yourself into the jack! It's so easy to follow in this victim-mind-set of , "I am a woman. I can't eat as much food as ham." You feel resentful at hand for being to able to eat more. You don't really have to snap your hand out of it. There has been so many times I have to do it to myself like, "Nichole, zip your mouth. You're being ridiculous right now." Because I know, being healthy, feeling good, having energy and loving this skin I'm in, is far more worth eating that extra serving. Do you know what I'm saying?
Create a hidden cabinet.
When I moved in with Zack, it was really really hard for me because he had all this junk food and it was like, "Oh! I really wanted it." And then opened the cabinet and be tempted like with Oreo's and all that stuff. So what I told to myself, "Hey, I want to take your foods that I don't want to eat and put them in the cabinet above the refrigerator." And he can easily reach that and I couldn't.
So creating this hidden cabinet where he can keep all of his potato chips and cookies and things like that is huge. It works like a charm -- out of sight, out of mind.
I guarantee. If you take any of these steps, use that one because you'll be blown away. How easy it is to forget that all that junk is in there. And if you put in a place that is kind of hard for you to reach is too much worth, you go to stool, get up there and search in there. And by that time, you've kind of like, "This is ridiculous. Why I am doing this?" "There is a reason why I'm putting these all up here."

In a comment section below, I want to hear from you something that your partner eats that you can't say, NO TO. And I can reply right away and give you a nice healthy alternative. I understand how hard it is to live with, to be totally honest.
I would love to hear from you in the comment below.

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