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Dred plays Doom 2 - Ghoul's Forest 3... yikes! (Completed Run)





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Uploaded on Dec 9, 2009

Well, I said I would do something different from Mugen for my next video, so here it finally is. =D

Here, I play a mod of one of the greatest classic FPS games of all time, Doom 2, which is also one of my favorite video games that I've cherished since I was young and still play from time to time to this day. Good times, man...

Anyway, this mod is called "Ghoul's Forest 3", created by CutmanMike. It's a mod that has only one level and pits you against only four monsters (but not all at once; one by one). It sounds simple... but trust me, it isn't at all. In fact, I don't think there has been a video uploaded here on YT yet that has somebody beating this mod fully without using cheats/saves (although most of them have hilarious commentary, which was probably their intention), so I'm going to try my hand at being one of the first to showcase a successful run.

When you begin a new game in this mod, you start out in the middle of this large, dark and spooky forest with a campfire in front of you, equipped with nothing but a bow and arrows. After a few moments pass by, the fire will go out... and that's when the ghouls will start coming out of the forest to hunt you down and kill you. This is where the fun supposedly begins. xD

There are three main ghoul monsters that you'll have to deal with, and they come out of the forest moving towards you one at a time in a random order. You must be focused and paying close attention to the distinctive sounds they make to be able to survive, because they can all kill you with one hit, even with the all-mighty God-mode cheat... yup. 0_o

If you're able to vanquish the first ghoul, the next will pop up momentarily and the same will go with the third. Once you've killed all three of the main ghouls, the final boss ghoul will appear, by which you'll have to kill in order to beat the mod. Let me give a rundown of each ghoul and their characteristics:

The Creeper - A small, flat creature that "creeps" along the ground, moving towards you with ominous whispering being heard when close by. It's a little hard to spot & hit since it's so small, but it moves slowly compared to the other two ghouls, and is probably the easiest to kill once you've got your sights set on it. However, whatever you do... DON'T let it touch you (and in turn, DON'T step on it by accident) if you don't want the bejeebus scared out of you.

The Sjas - God, this thing is easily the most irritating ghoul to kill. It's a flying, disembodied ghoul face that has a piercing scream trailing behind wherever it goes, so there's no way you can't hear it coming. It moves almost as fast as you and likes to serpentine to piss you off with your aim. If it touches you, you're screwed. If it goes POOF when you hit it with an arrow, it means it's not dead yet. You'll have to keep tagging Sjas until it actually dies in flames.

The Jitterskull - A giant, floating skull with red eyes that makes a "jittering" noise when close by. It moves a short distance almost instantaneously and pauses for a split second then moves again, giving it a peculiar method of mobility, but this also means that it makes it harder to hit from a distance. If you're close to it when it stops moving, it will lunge towards you with an open mouth and chomps you to death in one bite, which is almost unavoidable when it gets to that point. Usually takes the most arrows to put down, too, so this might the toughest to kill for most people.

The Yurei (Boss) - Hey, you hear those heartbeats? Holy crap... it's the chick from the Ring. LoL This ghoul takes only one arrow to kill, but good luck with trying to hit her. She phases in and out in a random spot around you while moving closer to you with each heartbeat, which also gets faster as she closes in.

It's all about luck & reflexes as you need to hit her before the 15th heartbeat, or else... well, just check out what happens to me in the video. (Warning: Lower your volumes for that part!) Once you've killed the Yurei, you've won!

Other things to also keep in mind is that you can collect your arrows after shooting them, plus there's a lighter hidden in the forest that you can use to re-light the campfire for a short time. Not sure if it affects the ghouls in any way, but it could brighten up the area enough to spot that damn Sjas coming. ^^

I've played this mod on the Skulltag engine on the second hardest difficulty. No cheats & saves were used in this run, except for the very last bit. xD I might make more Doom videos if this was neat to watch for everyone. Anyway, please enjoy the video and try not to jump so much! XP

CutmanMike's site, where you can get GF3, plus other neat Doom-related stuff : http://cutstuff.net/blog/?page_id=31

Where to get Skulltag, and even more Doom-related stuff: http://www.skulltag.com/

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