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Published on Nov 11, 2012

74:00.74 - L4D2 Underground.
(WR on Nov. 8, 2012.)
Our new record is 115:15.12 - guyguy, Licksore, Lone Wolf McQuade, TheKevSham.

Azimuth (http://www.youtube.com/user/Nupraptor...)
Lone Wolf McQuade (http://www.youtube.com/user/rimrattle...)
TheKevSham (http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKevSha...)
and myself, Licksore.

FeO & guyguy (http://www.youtube.com/user/GuyGuyDea...)
The spec footage is from a 61 min round played by Azimuth, FeO, TheKevSham, and myself, which guyguy spectated and recorded to let me use. The first person footage is from the 74 min round. Both rounds were played without moving items.


No moving items. Played at the construction site near the pool room.

- 1 player front
- 1 player crouching on the fence
- 1 player on the fence, standing behind the crouched player
- 1 player on the right

All players use the military sniper.

The front player's position serves three important purposes:
1. Along with most of the SI, spitters target him. If he plays forward enough he can bait them to spit far away from where the other 3 players are, and he can just back up to get out of the spit.
2. He deals with all the common infected, unless the other players fall out of the holdout spot. Keeping the commons focused on 1 player allows the other 3 players to focus on tanks and specials.
3. He can lead the tanks in or manipulate them to throw rocks before coming in.
The front player has to be very skilled at dodging rocks. He focuses on commons climbing up, tanks when they climb up, and specials if they are close.

The 3 back players should save their ammo for SI and tanks. They shouldn't bother shooting the commons very much. It's especially better not to shoot commons in the distance because you could end up shooting a survivor. Survivors are zombies that carry supplies (first aid, pills, pipes & mollies) and if you shoot them they will run away. Wait for them to get into the holdout spot and then kill them so that their supplies will be close. When I'm not busy shooting tanks and SI, I scan the map for survivors. Let your teammates know if you see one and where it is so they don't shoot it until it gets close.

The crouched player on the fence is vulnerable to smokers, hunters, and sometimes rocks thrown by tanks.

- Go for ammo at 1:30, 2:30 (optional), 4:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 14:30, then every 2 minutes after that when you need it and when it's safe.
- Use throwables only when necessary, i.e., when you need to revive or defib an incapped player. Save bile jars especially.
- If you jump when a teammate is about to get pounced, jockeyed, or charged, you can avoid getting stumbled if you time it right.
- Rocks thrown by tanks can be skeeted or dodged. To dodge a rock thrown by a tank, run left/right and as he lets go of the rock run back in the opposite direction. Unless the tank is in front of you and you're against a wall, run forward to the tank and then back.

- 3 back players should use Desert Eagles as their secondary weapon. Make sure to set up the special ammo in the back near them as well because they might not always have a chance to grab ammo when they need it.
- The front player can use a melee weapon if they want to as it can be useful with controlling the horde.
- We take turns jumping up onto the fence. If 2 people try to get up at the same time they can push each other so it's better to just take turns. The back player who doesn't need to jump on the fence gets up last.
- It may be good for one person to sacrifice their kit at the start of the round and grab a defib instead.
- When going for ammo, watch out for SI climbing up and be careful not to get smoked down to the other side where the loader truck is. Very difficult to recover from that.
- As I already said, let the survivors run into the holdout spot before killing them so that they drop supplies closeby.
- According to phoenix_advance's L4D Survival Wiki, there are 11 gas cans on this map. Store them all in the back and start throwing them out towards the front at 13 mins. Use them as needed.
- If you fall out of the holdout spot (on the left of the fence), it's best to jump onto the generator, then jump onto the ledge and make your way around the fence back to your spot.

Klaypex - Rain (ft. Sara Kay)
Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise - She Was
Vexare - The Clockmaker

Used L4D2's demo recorder then recorded that using Fraps. Edited in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0.


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