Anti-Chen, pro-China brainwashing in the era of Ma Ying-jeou




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Published on Oct 16, 2008

Not even 5 months into the Ma Ying-jeou presidency, many hideous things have appeared in Taiwan, one of which is an English test that amounts to brainwashing. The test was given to second year students at a National (國立) senior high school in Changhua while their brains were in a vulnerable state from cramming for the mass of big exams. Talking Show (大話新聞) lets us see the test questions with our own eyes.

Here are the ones that merit close attention:
- - -
8. Chen's popularity as a political figure started to plunge in May 2006 after a _series_ of scandals involving his wife and son-in-law broke.

9. The president refuted the magazine's report through a lawyer, _claiming_ that he and his wife couldn't have hidden the money overseas. However, most of the citizens didn't believe what he said.

10. The Department of Health announced that the government will _establish_ a permanent communication channel with Beijing authorities in order to jointly safeguard consumers from tainted food items.


12. In the beginning, Chen Shui-bian denied everything, but at last he _admitted_ that he had remitted part of the government contribution to his presidential campaigns abroad after Credit Suisse brought his alleged money laundering to light.
- - -

Host Cheng Hung-yi (鄭弘儀) asks Chung Nien-huang (鍾年晃) what he thinks. The response is that it sounds more like an "ideology test" than an English test.

Notice how sentence number 6 ends with something about "telling the truth" and that sentence number 7 reads "Teachers and parents must act ethically and do the right thing to be good role models for their kids."

That sounds nice, but look what kind of "role model" the teacher of these students is...

Sentences 8 and 9 come from this editorial in the anti-Chen, pro-KMT China Post:

Sentence 10 comes from this article in the anti-Chen, pro-KMT China Post:

Sentence 12 comes from this article in the anti-Chen, pro-KMT China Post:

Y'think the students were assigned these particular China Post propaganda pieces for homework?

Remember this: Chen Shui-bian hasn't been convicted on any charges.

Elsewhere, new reference materials to accompany textbooks assigned by municipal junior high schools in Taipei are referring to Taiwan as a "special region of China":

Although the publisher has taken steps to "correct" the information (to what, I don't know -- it could be "province of the ROC"), take a look at how much "responsibility" is taken by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) leader of Taipei:
- - -
Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) said the city government was only responsible for screening textbooks, and the content of the references was not its responsibility.

I take full responsibility for the quality of textbooks, but references are not within our authorities, Hau said.
- - -

"[N]ot within [their] authorities [sic]"??! Then how is that taking "full responsibility"? While he may not be responsible for what is contained in the reference book itself, he *is* responsible for it being used in Taipei's municipal schools.

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