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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011

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WW2 Nazis had their unique salute with corresponding swastika an equilateral cross. The Nazi hate group was not a German problem it was one example of many throughout history of mankind. An example of a global social disease famously known as the "Hate Groups".

Ku Klux Klan soon after added the Nazi salute to their burning cross. The Klan hate group was not unique to America's problem: It was another example, among hundreds, throughout history an example of a global social disease infamously known as the "Hate Groups".

According to http://www.information-entertainment....
"a hate group is two or more people who are part of a club, organization, religion, etc. whose purpose is to promote the agenda of what is the subject of their hate... There is much misunderstanding of what makes a hate group. Most people think of the KKK or the Nazis, but the phenomena is much broader. People from any race, culture, religion, political affiliation, sex or sexual orientation and so forth can hate someone who is - different... These groups of people have lied to themselves. Many claim they do not hate those in other races; they just love their own race. It is when you unravel that statement that you come to the heart of the lie."

Moving forward to current history and the reason for this presentation are the "new age" KKK hate groups. These extremist groups, active across the nation, camouflage themselves "as Concerned Citizen, Neighborhood Watch and Patriot Groups using church, clubs or citizen groups for their recruitment, planning, and staging. Next, they send their organized followers to take the streets to destroy targeted individuals. To give you an example exactly how rabid hate groups truly are there's volume of information documented about hate groups targeting individuals with disabilities -- disadvantaged, vulnerable -- easy targets - people through no fault of their. They certainly will target any individual they perceive as different and threat to their fragile status quo.

Niskayuna's Hate Group -- Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) Force activities are built around sophisticated, strategic vehicular cavalry designed to menace, harass and instigate the target-victim. Following me by trailing behind everywhere I drive. It is imperative for them to signal their activity with standardized cues established by OGS and transmitted to the target-victim. Otherwise, if the victim is unaware of OGS the psychological effect is wasted. OGS stakes out areas around my hardwired weekly schedule, shopping mall, recreation parking lots with vehicular stalkers signaling me with standard set of behavioral and visual cues that I am surrounded. Some OGS psychological cues are headlights in conjunction of vehicular patterns such as two vehicles parked in proximity of each other facing same direction with headlights sometimes fog lights on. Various shapes of cars and trucks in combinations of colors, red, white, and black alluding to previous provocative incidences to trigger unpleasant flashbacks. These cues are often enhanced with various but unmistakable traffic patterns, missing hubcap(s), horn blowing, and missing front license plates.

On February 23, 2011 CNN reported number of U.S. hate groups on the rise.
"The number of radical right groups in America -- including hate groups, "Patriot" groups and nativist groups -- increased in 2010 for the second year in a row, ..."driven by resentment over the changing racial demographics of the country, frustration over the government's handling of the economy, and the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories and other demonizing propaganda aimed at various minorities. (and most certainly individuals)"

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] David Lawson investigation into organized stalking http://www.raven1.net/lawson.htm
"(Hate) Groups also attack targets of convenience. These people are selected because they are convenient targets, and not for any other reason. These include loners who tend to be more vulnerable to their harassment tactics than those with family and friends around them. Targets of convenience are used for practice."
Peter Landy
1908 Dean St
Niskayuna, NY 12309


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