Devildragon gets his Epic Flying mount





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Published on May 21, 2007

FAQ about this vid is right here!!!

I played for 1-5 hours at a time 2-3 times a day. " 5 hour seasons works out to be about 1000g a day so this is really posible. Also this is alonsus server

This is a short video about me getting my flying mount in about a week.... yes it also shows you how i did it :P


"Did you really do this?"

"What server do you play on?"
Alonsus, its an EU server so make sure you play on EU before trying to find me. "NEW" Under the name of Devildragon.

"Is it really worth 5000g?"
In fairness, no. But I really wanted the netherdrake so to me, its worth it.

"When you were killing the wolf you had a "?" on your bar. What does that do?"
Its a macro I created for an ad for my guild.

"Devil, when you were farming off that wolf in elwynn, ur 10th slot was a epic flyer picture. Whats going on?"
Your right to ask. However its the the epic flyer. Thats my snowy mount I keep with me. But when that shot was taken I did have my epic flyer (It was on the second bar. The bar shown is the third)

"So where are the phase hunters?"
Netherstorm, just north of area 52 near the cliff.

"What was the song at the end of the movie?"
Its a tv theme from "Air wolf" google it sometime :)

"What addon shows all that info about the mob's?"
Theres a few mods I used for that. Mob info 2 and auctioneer pack are the main ones.

Rccbrook asks : "what addon were u using that allowed u to see the gold without opening your bag?"
The mod is called titan, it adds a bar to the bottom or top (or both if your greedy) of your screen to desplay useful infomation like desplaying gold, coords, bag space or even current fps. You name it, it can do it. Search for it at curse dot com.

"Did you know that the nether rays also drop primal mana?"
Yes I knew, just thought i'd keep it simple for the video :P

"Did you ever get your netherdrake?"
Yep, check my videos and you'll see one called "Real netherdrake on real working server" thats me :)

Where are you from? Cos I think I know that field...
England, Poole. Google Earth it soemtime :)

Whats that montage song from?
Team america, World police. Very funny movie... gota watch that again sometime...

Carm down now I don't think your keyboard likes you hitting it like that. Back when I made this video the mounts were infact blue, they changed them to purple with a patch.

What class/race do you play?
if it isnt't already aparent. I play a lvl 70 night elf rogue currently sublety.

"imhopless" asked...
lol are you serious? ... all you really gotta do is do all 25 dailies in a group of 5 combine the money and then do that for the rest of them... this takes too long.

lets do the maths. 25 dailys totaling to an average of 10g a quest = 250G. Then you combine the money which makes 1250g a day. Yes this is faster but you've forgoten is that all 5 people are going to want the mount and aren't just going to hand over 250g a day. Thus you'd have to do this 5 times. In the end it would take everyone 20 days to get the mount where as if they'd gone with my guide they would have the mount in half the time, thus proved by me. You sir just got owned.

Tommy2er asks "Did you sell them in stacks or 1 by 1?"

I sold them 1 by 1. Reason being is because its very unlikely someone will be them in stacks of 10 plus. Thats the way I look at it atlest

If any new questions are added to the comments i'll post them here too so plz check here before asking.

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