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Published on Dec 28, 2006

This is the re-adjusted clip of Esmee Denters interview (longer). The source is taken from another YouTube video post and then a letterbox is placed to achieve a more natural looking aspect ratio. In this case it is 16:9. Enjoy.

Translation by anubysath:

00:26 - the 2 females(lois lane) across her are "famous singers" and talk about how great it is to see new talent like her, esmee responds with something like " i hope to become famous someday and be like them and can look back at my career"

00:45 - he then talks about how shes famous on youtube , that she has 40 videos on it and then he shows a clip from it esmee says " okay thats fine"

01:24 - he talks about that she uploaded the video to youtube and asks how she did it, then she says "yes you can upload that yourself" then he says that hes a technical noob, and asks her to explain how it works

01:36 - " well it isnt that hard, im not really that good with pc's, everyone can do it, you record something with your webcam, you then had the video and sound, you save this to your pc, and then you make an account and upload it to youtube" they still dont get it and she offers to show them after the show if they want.

02:10 - they ask her why she did this "I saw other ppl doing it and watched alot of clips on youtube, there are alot of clips on it like live stuff etc. my sister had a cam, she happend to be at home, and lets give it a go, and see what ppl think of it.

02:28 - how many clips are on it? "mine? i think about 42" is your sister older or younger? "shes older,she sings aswell" i dont see your sister on there? "she uploaded one clip"

03:31 - they talk about if it isnt scary taping yourself alone before a webcam? "you can record it many times and if you dont like it you can record it over again :)" you probably didnt realize thousands of ppl would watch them "no, but once ppl started to respond to it, then i thought ppl really like it"

03:45 - How many ppl watched the clips? "i dont really know how much total but i got over 7000 subscribers, that watch my clips regularly"

04:00 - ppl all over the world are creating stuff with your clips, like here we got a guy from melbourne who combined your clip with the clip from jonh legend, lets take a look at it

04:40 so you didnt make that? "no i havnt i wouldnt know how to do that" it goes over the whole world "yes thats cool, that ppl can be that creative"

05:00 - Do you want to write your own songs? "im already writing my own songs" how long have you been doing that? "I've been writing alot more lately becouse of the reactions, and i get inspired alot, i wrote stuff before that but when i listen back to it, i dont really like it"

05:30 - wouldnt you rather compete in a show like Idols? "i have competed once in a show called popstars the rivals, but i didnt make it thru the first round, they told me it wasnt good enough"

05:50 - do you have a record deal already? "i have had alot of offers already , but im being carefull and am busy with school, and seeing how that works out

06:20 they ask her to sing and ask her if she wants to stand or sit "ill stay seated, its a song i wrote myself, a piece of it"

then they talk about how great she is , how it was possible that she was kicked off the idols show.

07:45 they ask if she has singing lessons "no but id like to get some, to improve my breathing and stuff"

*Anybody who understand Dutch please help to translate better into English and email me at newties_2000@yahoo.com. Please include the time, for instance 00:20 or 00:45, for each of the sentence. I will try to overlay the translation/ make English subtitle. It will make the video nicer. Come on guys. :)

To make the translation clearer, use annotation like this:

00:10 Esmee: "I am happy to be here."
00:15 Male Host: "It is nice to have you here."
00:17 Female Host: "Welcome Esmee."
00:20 Left Female Guest: "So how do you feel?"
00:22 Right Female Guest: "You look great."
00:24 Esmee: "Thank you."

As an example. That will help make the subtitle more timely and accurate. :)


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