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Uploaded on Oct 30, 2011

Transcript: http://www.microtopia.org/us-and-cali... 4) The allegations of atrocities were not verified. And in fact were taken verbatim from the very people who wanted to obtain foreign military intervention. In other words the expert reported was prepared by one of the adversaries - obviously extremely prejudicial. Claims of thousands of rapes, tens of thousands of murder were entered into the public record at the ICC with no evidence, and by late June Doctors without Borders and one other credible - that is establishment human rights group - determined that the claims had no basis. Actual casualties at the beginning of the uprising were in the hundreds. No mercenaries, No Rapes. Ironically the US and its allies employ large contractor armies - which is in fact the definition of mercenaries, and as has been noted the USAF has one of the worst rape records of any military.

So as absolute power corrupts absolutely, faulty information corrupts decision making and public perception.

Then things got really out of control:

1) Libyas investments in Africa were demonized
2) No mention was ever made that Libya actually took care of its population bettter than even the West
3) The potential for civilian loss of life at the hands of the Libyan Army - was entirely hypothetical and real research would have shown at most 1,000 civilians would have lost their lives. The intervention has led to 30,000 to 50,000 fatalities.
4) By not mentioning Libya's education and medical and industrial achievements, the public had no interest in preserving them - thinking Libya like Afghanistan - and NATO's destruction of many elements of infrastructure struck no chord in western sentiment.

My conclusion is by withholding the fact that Libya was the most advanced country in Africa, even when balancing data by looking at the other oil producers exlusively, all of these prejudices were made possible.

The fact that this data was suppressed is extremely serious. The same was true for Iraq, however in Iraq's case they initiated a long and bloody war with Iran. In Iraq's case I cannot speak to the level of support or the validity of their right to not be invaded, I too am prejudiced against Hussein, because I was not permitted to know the other side, I was not permitted to make up my mind. I simply dont know. Because I was probably given faulty information. That is disinformation, that is propaganda.

In the second half of the conflict: As NATO saw they were in danger of losing, they began to step up their attacks and more and more collateral damage was done - until at the end NATO leveled an entire City that was inhabited a serious and massive crime against humanity on the scale of Srebernica. I would very much like to have serious scientific credible data about how many buildings were bombed by NATO.

My first tip off that all was not as i was being told other than Libya's high level of development was the fact that the TNC claimed they had 8,000 fighers near Benghazi as well as 3 brigades that defected with Younnes while i roooted for the rebels. In fact I could not find more than 1500 fighters. Indicating very tepid support.


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