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Published on Feb 27, 2011

"I don't want to live in a world where those with power impose their evil intent on the masses and not face any type of consequence. Without God people can easily escape human justice. I can't buy into that." - message from a woman to the Atheist Community of Austin, summarizing her reasons for being a Christian. http://www.atheist-community.org/boar...

This response from Matt Dillahunty is an excerpt from an episode of The Non Prophets Podcast - http://www.nonprophetsradio.com/nonpr...

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This is NOT a rant. It's more like an eloquent speech.
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Ed Gloss
According to this person's religion, a Christian who rapes an atheist can receive eternal reward after repenting but the atheist, who after being raped goes on to live a moral life will suffer eternal torture simply for not believing in god. What a sickening doctrine.
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"Rant". Bitch please! This was an amazing speech. Wish I could be apart of the Atheist Experience show
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This guy has an incredible mind. I'm truly jealous of his intellect and communication abilities.
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Translation: "Good/justice" isn't something you fucking WISH for from a nonexistent cloud dude It's something you strive, work & actually Create as a Society. That's all of us. Now, let's get to it!
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Martin Staykov
How did this guy go from being a christian for >20 years to being such a rational and logically thinking person?
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Turd Ferguson
That...was one of the most beautiful and intelligent things I've ever heard. Kudos, Matt, you wonderful son of a bitch!
Rory Richter
First of all, the entire christian system is dumb, pardon the abrasive speech. If it were true, any logical person would do exactly what they wanted their entire life. Party, do drugs, open sex, whatever. Then on your deathbed you can ask for forgiveness and your saved! Woot. The fact christians don't see this loophole is a testament to the type of non-thinking person that gravitates towards faith based cults. And yes, they are ALL cults.
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frater chaos
to stress a certain point in this wonderful rant... Not only does the pedophile get to aviod the punishment simply by asking forgiveness... but his victims, should they be sinless (other than the so-called Original Sin) not ask that forgiveness for things they have not done, they will be damned to hell. Take the case of a pedophile priest...he may abuse a large number of young chiildren (nearly al;ways boys... but somehow that's not hoimosexuality) and ruin their lives... How likely would it be those victims will EVER ask for forgiveness and grace from the God who allowed such a crime. The priest repents on his death bed and goes to heaven... the boys he abused, entirely disillusioned about this "faith" BY the very person who was supposed to show them that faith, are hardly likely to repent, and if they had otherwise not done anything wrong themselves... well too damn bad, they burn in hell (or whatever your wishy washy excuse version of hell, such as "separation from God" might be) You call that Justice, Fairness, Morality? If this is true Justice, I am glad I am an atheist... and if your God, who would set up such a system really exists, and will send me to hell for not accepting his twisted and evil idea of "perfect justice" I will gladly go to this hell, with a song in my heart. At least I will suffer eternal punishment knowing for a fact my Morals are superior to those of your God.
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Matt is amazingly brilliant as always.
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