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Uploaded on Aug 22, 2008

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back and bigger than ever in their big screen debut!

When struggling songwriter Dave Seville (Jason Lee) opens his home to a talented trio of chipmunks named Alvin, Simon and Theodore, they become overnight music sensations. But a greedy record producer (David Cross) tends to exploit the "boys" and send them on grueling concert tours just to line his own pockets. Now Dave must use a little human ingenuity-and a lot of 'munk mischief- to get his Family back before it is too late!


At first the story begins with The Chipmunks singing "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter in a tree farm in their tree as they store their winter supply. The tree then gets chopped down and they arrive at the Jett Records Headquarters. Dave Seville (Jason Lee) shows his "Latest Creation" to Ian Hawke (David Cross) who discards it. The Chipmunks then jump into a muffin basket which is held by Dave on the way out of the building. They terrorize his home to a point where Dave gets knocked out. Dave awakes frightened by the talking animals so they have to "introduce themselves" to Dave. Dave then kicks them out and hears singing outside. The Chipmunks sing "Only You" and "Funkytown" in front of Dave who agrees to let them live at his home only if they sing his songs. After the night passes as well as the "Breakfast Scene" The Chipmunks sing their first song "Christmas Don't Be Late" to Dave.
Dave takes them to Jett Records HQ as a present for Ian Hawke. To Dave's dismay they had stage fright and did not preform. Dave, now disgusted, goes to work only to be fired from his job after the "Chipmunk Raid" on his presentation for his Goodable energy bar commercial. Dave goes home to find his house terrorized once again and realizes he has a dinner plan at seven which is in "half an hour". Upon eating, Clair (Cameron Richardson) and Dave get interupted by Alvin and Dave tells the truth about the Chipmunks. In disbelief Clair leaves.
With all hope lost The Chipmunks decide to use "cab fair" and sing their song to Ian Hawke at his house. The next day after Dave realized he didn't lose his "boys", he hears the song in the local supermarket. After a short Christmas tree scene, Theodore "has a nightmare" and sleeps with Dave. The next morning it's Christmas! The Chipmunks give Dave their presents as well as Dave their presents which are only savings bonds... Ian comes in the home with a massive amount of gifts for the grim chipmunks.
The next scene shows The Chipmunks singing "Witch Doctor" in their first concert appearance. Ian Hawke, discouraged after the preformance at Dave, tells lies to The Chipmunks stating that Dave called them "The Rats". The next day Dave walks in to find his house a mess again. Annoyed about the lies the Chipmunks said to him tells them to go live with "Uncle Ian"
The Chipmunks then head off to their new home filled with toys. It shows them playing with the toys until work begins. They sing "Get You Goin'" part of a short clip to show their new records and albums. Back and forth scenes then show how much Dave misses them as they are seem to be living the life. At their last practice, with them singing "Get Munk'd", Dave calls Ian to say he wants to see how his "Boys" are doing. Ian tells more lies and then purposely ends the call. Alvin asks if it was Dave and once again is fed lies.
Now on the rooftop of the house after Thedore's sleeping attempt with Ian, The Chipmunks decide they want to go home to Dave and their "Family" Another scene shows Dave hearing that they will be stopping for the world tour at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angelas.
In the dressing room the next day, a doctor states that they are exhausted and need a long rest from all the rehearsing. Ian compromises and tells them to lip sing. Simon states that it's cheating.... The next scene shows Dave on his way to get his boys as the concert begins. All out of tickets at the booth, Clair, the photographer states that Dave is her assistant and they agree to let him in. Once in Dave yells "Alviiiiin!" and gets their attention. Alvin throws his mic and interrupts the show. Dave manages to make it back stage, past the security to say their "coming home" The Chipmunks get locked in a cage and Ian walks away.
Thinking fast, Dave follows Ian's truck in hopes of saving Alvin, Simon and Theodore. He soon finds out that they are in his car, slams on the brakes and looks over. Astonished, The Chipmunks hug Dave and Dave agrees to them for the first time that they are indeed a "Family".
The last scene of the movie shows Clair arriving for a "Toaster Waffle Dinner" when once again Alvin (with his mischief) pops a wine bottle cork into the china cabinet. With wine spilling on the floor, this eventualy leading to a power surge, ends the movie with Dave saying "Allllvvvvviiinnnnnn!"

Ahhhh There....done

All and all, it is a good show for all ages especially for those who grew up with them as a child. I recommend it!


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