Richard Gage Exposed at AE911Truth Presentation on 4/12/2011 (Part 2/2)





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Published on Apr 13, 2011

Listen to Richard Gage admit that he, an architect, has never studied the very important NYC seismographic data, and that thermite does not explain all of the evidence from 9/11. It's absolutely mind-blowing to think about how many well-intended people are still fooled by this man's unscientific claims...

After the unsatisfying answers that Richard Gage gave in response to my first set of questions, I decided to approach him at the end of the Q&A session to see if I could get a better explanation for why I was silently banned from AE911Truth simply for sending him one well-intended private email which asked Mr. Gage if he was aware of the large sum of important physical evidence that Dr. Judy Wood has discovered. I sent the email in Spring 2010 shortly after I found out about all of the important evidence Dr. Judy Wood has discovered, because I thought Mr. Gage most likely did not know about it. Now, it seems that Mr. Gage does indeed know about all of this important evidence, and that he purposely is choosing to ignore it. In my opinion, it is now very obvious that Richard Gage, Dr. Steven Jones, Alex Jones, and other "truth" seekers, are simply the second layer of the 9/11 coverup. Please do not take my word for it, rather, take it upon yourself to research this evidence for yourself and make up your own mind about it. We all must think for ourselves and familiarize ourselves with ALL of the physical evidence from 9/11, so that our opinions are as accurate and well-informed as possible. Please pay close attention to Mr. Gage's words, body language, and attitude, and decide for yourself what his intentions are.

I found it very concerning to see Richard Gage implying and/or stating things such as, "I don't understand the NYC seismographic data, I've never studied them", or "I know that 1,400+ mangled cars cannot be explained [by thermite], I don't know what can explain that", or "I don't want to ask questions that will raise more questions, I [only] want to ask questions that will motivate people to ask for a new investigation", or "it's up to you [public] to do something with this evidence and act on it, because I am working 80 hours per week managing this organization and no attorney has stepped up yet" (I wonder if Richard Gage forgot about James Gourley, the legal attorney, supporter of AE911Truth and the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and the Executive Director of the International Center for 9/11 Studies?) , and other related statements...

In my opinion, I find it to be highly probable that Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Alex Jones, and others, are ignoring a large amount of physical evidence and pushing the thermite-only story just in case we ever attempt to bring the true 9/11 perpetrators to justice. There is a thing called Double Jeopardy in our legal system, so we only get one shot at charging the true suspects, and thus, we better figure out exactly how they did it before we charge them. Thermite is easily disprovable in a court-of-law because it does not even come close to explaining all of the physical evidence from 9/11, so if AE911Truth is truly interested in the "Truth", perhaps they should stop pushing the unscientific thermite-only/explosives-only nonsense down everyone's throats. They should be encouraging us to think for ourselves, but instead, they are telling us what to think and what evidence to consider, while simultaneously ignoring an overwhelming sum of extremely important, easily verifiable, empirical evidence.

If you care about our beautiful planet, then please help bring the true 9/11 suspects to justice by familiarizing yourself with ALL of the important physical evidence that must be explained. Please consider the large sum of important physical evidence found at the following three websites:

1. 'Where Did The Towers Go?' by Dr. Judy Wood, Ph.D: http://wheredidthetowersgo.com

2. Check The Evidence: http://www.checktheevidence.com

3. 9/11 & Directed Energy Technology: http://pookzta.blogspot.com

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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