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Published on Jun 10, 2012

Chris Stuckmann examines Prometheus from beginning to end, offering his thoughts on what the film means and the many questions it asks.

This is a great article that delves into the religious themes of the movie, a really fascinating read: http://cavalorn.livejournal.com/58413...

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To ANYONE wondering what happend in the FIRST SCENE of Prometheus and what THE BLACK GOO stands for. HERE is something I wrote. It may help! I wrote this a response to someone, but it might be helpfull for others, too. Sorry for my english ;) Hey Caleb. I think you got something wrong about Prometheus. The Engineer in the beginning is not killed by a failed self experiment. Nor is the black goo the elexir of life. The Engineers are like very high advanced beings, almost like gods. Genetically perfect or almost perfect. They all look the same, they are so highly evolved and probably have overcome the hate, hunger, unequiallity and other things that plague lesser evolved social beings, like humans. They represent the TITANS in the premetheus mith.The engineer in the beginning looks like a monk almost. He is performing a ritual. It's plausible to assume, that, since the engineers are so highly advanced, their conciousness is too. Their feelings as well. They no longer aim for "wordly" motiviations like competing in the survival of the fittest nature of the humans, reproduction, power, eating and shit. They aim for higher goals. SO... the Engineer in the beginning is SACRIFICING himself by drinking the black goo, to disintegrate himself and bring the very first pieces of biology or dna to this world (probably the earth). It is a scientific fact, that even today scientists don't know how biology started on earth. How did chemistry (atoms, elements) transformed to biology (dna, biological cells, bacteria, live) etc. SO... the first scene in Promtheus is an fictional explenation of how DNA or BIOLOGY made it's way on earth. You also asked about what the allegory to the FIRE is in Prometheus. It is the BLACK GOO. The black goo is something either the Engineers made or got ahold of by optaining it (maybe from an even higher form of BEINGS. Those might resemble the GIANT HEAD they seems to worship). Just image how powerful or goldlike such an entity or form of entitis must be if the Engineers worship it. But that's just speculation. FACT is the black goo is a very highly potent substance that messes with biology in a big way. It seems to be some sorf of DNA/evolution enhancer. Thats why the worm grows into a huge alien worm. Thats why when humans eat it they uncontrolably mutate and become kind of zombies. ITs a dangerous substance the engineers themselves tread with the utmost care. Probably the most powerful they have. Black goo can create, preserve life or kill it. It is a allegory to the FIRE in Prometheus, which in turn is an allegory to KNOWLEGE/SCIENCE for humans. Knowledge,Science can too be used to create, presever or to kill and therefore always poses a threat to humanity (for example atomic bombs, biological super weapons, DNA manipulation like cloning and shit). I hope what I wrote made sense to you. English is not my first language, haha.
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Thiago Leão
Kind of a weak reason to say that "we created AIs because we could". There is more behind it (mostly, to do our work and make our lives easier). That's kind of a bad reasoning used to give a vague answer that doesn't answer anything. A good and old "I don't know" would be more honest.
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idea: humans were created as a weapon, call it version 1. the engineers came back to wipe out humans and test a new weapon- the xeno aliens, version 2.
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The best thing about this movie was the engineers aesthetic body
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This is the review not that we deserved, but the one we needed.
Chris Jernigan
"a noted linguist" you mean the Professor who created (or reconstructed rather) the language? In the beginning of the movie they say what the language is: a form of Proto-Indo-European which, as the name suggests, led to its descendant languages that are spoken by about half the world today.
My theory is that the engineers had prepared a strategy for their creation if it ever got too powerful. When Humans discovered how to get into space, develop cryo-sleep technology to allow for extremely long distance travel, they would be destroyed. The Engineers made sure that Humans would contact them by planting those images of the dude pointing to the stars, and once Humans did actually reach them on LV-whateverthefuck, the Engineers would kill the Humans that were there and then send the black goo to Earth in order to let the xenomorph wipe out the species. The Engineers would then restart the whole process and make another intelligent species on Earth, killing it once it grew too powerful. However, some idiot let the goo loose on LV-somethingorother, wiping out all but one of the Engineers in the facility, which ultimately allowed Shaw to stop the genocide of all life on Earth.
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private party
I get it I finally understand the predators are TRAINING for the fight against the engineers the engineers created the alien as a bio weapon to exterminate the predators and where supposed to send the weapon to earth to see if it would work right earth was a testing zone the real war is not with the humans it's with the predators and engineers we are just the lab rats
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karam jnah
daam those engineers are ugly
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You brought up such a great point towards the end. People are so willing to immediately judge and condemn the script when in fact, the original Alien was leaving viewers just as confused and curious towards everything that viewed. We have too many scholar wannabes twiddling their keyboards to explain how intelligent they are to criticizing movies that don't force feed you every single plot detail. Part of discovering sci fi plots is looking for them yourselves. I do think Prometheus in time will be regarded highly. People need to stop playing God themselves and realize just because you didn't like it, doesn't mean others have to agree.
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