36 Pop Music Artists Exposed - Illuminati Satanic Industry





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Published on Nov 8, 2009

The greatest trick the devil pulled was making the world believe he didnt exist AND worship him at the same time. Take a Jay-Z concert for example, hundreds of innocent fans raise their hands up in a triangle thinking it's a diamond sign. People see it as part of the concert. Now get into an illuminati member's shoes and imagine he was watching the crowd flashing. Even if people don't think they're worshipping the devil, most of them are voluntarily closer to him than to God.

Remember, these people were bankers since the creation of banks. When you have all the money in the world, you can buy anything, even absolute discretion. They are starting to reveal themselves because it's time. If this is the first or second illuminati video you've seen, please don't comment, you'll make a fool out of yourself. Research, then speak. Peace.

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Jason Vorhees
They cover one eye representing the "Dajjal" (the 'Anti Christ' of Islam) as he is blind in one eye.   Did you know that in Islam they believe that in the end Jesus Christ, son of Virgin Mary will kill the Dajjal and rule the world in an age of peace?   It's insane how similar Christianity and Islam are and baffling how we allowed ourselves to be manipulated into being enemies.
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Marco Estrada
Jay-Z...King of Rap????! WTF?
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Emma Johnson
Instead of bashing these celebrities saying they will go to hell. Pray for them and for their hearts to be changed. Think of how great of an impact these singers could make if they changed their ways and started to love their true father Jesus. I pray for you who tell these people to go to hell. Jesus said for us to LOVE one another as he loves us. He took his life for all of us.
Nathan Workman
You can take the research even further! The "Eye of Horus" originates from Egypt. Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris. He is considered the sky God. Osiris (Lord of the Dead) These symbols have are attached to deep roots of history that little people have knowledge of. 
wtf I I'm catholic I don't worship the devil people who are satanic are fucking DUMB AS FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Brian Rodriguez
Christianity is having a personal intimate relationship with God, many religions have false idols they pray too, and beliefs that were exposed to them , as in the virgin Mary, budah, etc.. however its written in the word . There is only one way up an that's accepting Jesus as your lord and savior..
Kimberlee Olsen
All WITH Satan will be cleansed and banished. And they will not be in His light no more. All true believers prepare for war. Time is very short.t hi is not a joke. Find me.the . Angels will lead the way. We must train and prepare.but beware false believers.wolves in sheep's clothing.perfection is not required.just love and loyalty.and fearlessness in the face if demons
Hope watson
You say people who don't believe in jesus goes to hell well than allot of people are going down, and just because your Christians doesn't mean you can hate on other religions... Because I believe that all religions should be accepted, including all the satanists out there, you never know they might not be so bad...
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Arlen Hysi
fuck illuminati . killuminati for ever.2pac is the best and will reback to kill you
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Tevin Revell
Wow, I'm truly amazed at the hundreds of simple minded, idiots who are so easy persuaded to believe absolutely anything. I shouldn't say amazed, more like disappointed, and ashamed that I live amongst such people. It's so easy to blame a society that you know absolutely nothing about, out of pure fear I might add. And covering their eye? You could take any group of people and find similarities and link that similarity to some organization, so, from the very bottom of my heart, get your heads out of your asses. 
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