Can You Feel It? (A JoBros Story) [Chapter 23]





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Uploaded on Jul 12, 2008

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"I want the pink ball!" Allison said grabbing for the hot pink. The rest of the group picked out their golf balls: Joe got light blue, Nick got dark blue, Kevin got green, Jenn got yellow, and Kelly got red.
They headed for the first hole with their scorecards.
"Wait wait Joe, what are you writing for your names?" Kelly asked trying to pry the guys scorecard from his hands.
"Kevin is K2, Nick is Mr. President, and I'm Danger, duh what else would I write?"
"Well you could try your real names... but if you get to do nicknames then we do too!" Allison said thinking for a minute and then scribbling 3 names down on the girls scorecard.
"Wait, what did you write?" Kevin asked trying to look but Allison held it away from him. He went to tickle her but she jumped up on top of one of the fake rocks. Everyone else was laughing as Kevin continued to chase Allison around the first hole. He caught her and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back against his chest.
"Will you show me now?" Kevin whispered into her ear and she shook her head no.
He spun her around so their faces were almost touching, "Not even if I torture you?"
"Depends on the torture." She whispered back trying not to crack a smile.
They had completely forgotten where they were and that there were other people standing right there as Kevin leaned in to kiss Allison.
"Fore!!" Jenn yelled as she whacked her ball towards Allison and Kevin. They jumped apart and blushed slightly.
"Sorry." Allison mumbled walking back to where everyone else was standing. Kevin followed after her and the group stood there awkwardly until Joe broke the silence.
"My turn!" he yelled and Kelly just started laughing.
Allison started laughing too and Kevin took this opportunity to grab the scorecard.
"Hey not cool!" Allison said and Kevin showed it to Nick before they both busted out laughing.
"Okay which one of you is Stealth Ninja?" Nick asked still laughing.
"Me, do you have a problem with that?" Allison said raising her eyebrow.
"No. No, its great. I'm guessing that means Kelly is Captain Obvious and Jenn is Sergeant Sarcasm right?" Kevin said trying to compose himself as Joe started laughing after hearing the nicknames.
"You boys need to get over yourselves." Kelly said lining up her ball to putt.

The group played some very odd putt putt... the guys were completely serious and into the competition the whole time and the girls were goofing off and laughing the whole time (and also fudging the scores a bit)
"That was a 3..." Kelly said writing it down on the scorecard.
"No it wasn't you got like a 5!" Joe said.
"It was a 3!!" Allison yelled.
"No fair you cheater!" Joe yelled throwing the tiny pencil at Kelly.
"Well that was productive." Jenn said rolling her eyes as the pencil missed Kelly by like a foot.
"Can we just finish this up?" Nick said as Kelly threw the pencil back at Joe, hitting him in the leg.
"Sorry Mr. President." Allison replied saluting him.
"Nice!" Kelly said high fiving Allison as Nick just glared then lined up to take his shot.
At the end of the round Nick had stomped everyone, even with the girls making up numbers.

"What should we do now?" Kevin asked after they had returned their clubs.
Kelly and Allison looked at each other before shouting "Laser tag!!!"
They all ran through the game area to the back where the laser tag was.
Luckily they were just getting ready to start a new game so they all sat down to listen to the instructions.
There were 20 people in there so it was gonna be 10 to a team. The guys and girls decided to separate. Kelly Allison and Jenn were on the blue team and Kevin Joe and Nick were on the red team.
"So are you guys ready to lose?" Jenn asked and Nick laughed.

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