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Published on Jul 10, 2012

PowerPointPictures and RenesmeeTheWerepire present... Forbidden Woods! Info in video and lines here :) Remember, there are no small roles, only small actors :)

Story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7456801/1...

Renesmee (Nessie) Cullen ***TAKEN***
-I believe me leaving home is for the better, sixteen and moving out just to write a couple of words down, there's nothing to regret.
-Well, I'll admit, Kyle's cute, but he's just not my type.
-You can make it up to me by not telling me what to do!

Jacob Black
-No, um... I ... I have eyes for this one girl but... I don't think she notises me.
-I didn't WANT to see you, okay?!
-Don't be afraid of love, Nessie. Don't be afraid your first love is your last... (sigh) I'll drive you home.
-(embarrased) Promise you won't laugh? ... This is my first date.

Charlie Swan
-Are you settled? Good, well, we're going to Billy's for dinner.
-That Martins boy keeps knocking on the door, is he your date?
-(on the phone, whispering) Yeah, Billy! It looks great! I think you're right, this was the best idea we've ever had!
-You may as well accept the fact Jacob's dead! We're looking for the body!

Billy Black
-Yeah, he forgot his jacket, come anytime. (pause) Now? (paniced) Um... sure, no problem.
-No, no, Harry's on his way here, I just want to go for some fresh air. He'll pick me up on the way... stay safe, okay?
-Well don't let the poor girl freeze to death! Be nice and let her inside, Jake!

Quil Attera
-Help yourself! (flirting) I'm Jacob. What's YOUR name?
-We're glad YOU'RE here. Jacob won't shut up about you!
-Maybe we can get together sometime, you know?

Embry Call
-(mocking Jacob) Nessie! Nessie! Where for art thou Nessie!
-Of course he did, why would you even ask?

Kyle Martins
(obsessed with football, thinks his charms could win any girl)
-(telling a story) ... So, I'm one second away, with the ball in hand, then it slips out from the rain!
-(yelling) He's no better than me, Nessie! I know you know that!
-If you need to talk, I'm right next door.

Ellie Newton
-What?! Kyle is TOTALLY hot! No way he won't go out with you!
-So, Tanya says you were holding hands with someone last night in her neighborhood (whispering) and people say he's your boyfriend.
-Soooo, what's the 411 on you and Jacob? Because a little bird told me that you two broke up.

Brandon Geers
-Ditto man, that was an awesome night.
-I haven't even picked a date yet, I don't know why Kyle bothered asking.

Bree Tanner:
-Brandon asked me today, I said yes.
-Okay, fine, I'll cover for you. But only if we have a REAL sleepover this summer.

Bella Cullen: Mother of Nessie (small role)
-Oh! I remember Jacob. I baby sat him for a bit before you were born.

Mr Harris: Strict Music Teacher
-Keela! Nessie! Zip it!

Mr Renner: The Awesome English/Drama Teacher
-Did you hear about the poetry contest? I'd really like you to submit something.
-I'd LOVE to direct the musical! I'm honored, how did you know, Nahuel?



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