ICONic Boyz Love Story Ch 1





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Uploaded on Jun 3, 2011

Amber,13 ;Vinny- ICONic Boy,14 ;Madison- ICONic Boy,13 ;Nick- ICONic Boy,13 ;Louis- ICONic Boyz,11 ;Jason- ICONic Boy,12 ;Thomas-ICONic Boy,12 ;Mikey- ICONic Boy,12 ;Jillian- Ambers cousin,12 ;Angela- Ambers sister ;Lil Mama- Angelas bestfriend

Ambers POV:
So I just found out Lil Mama called my sister Angela (theyre bestfriends btw) and told her about the ICONic Boyz. Angela told me and thought that maybe I'd like to fly out to California to stay with Lil Mama and meet the crews. I told her I'd love to!
*when I got to California*
Amber- Hey Lil Mama, long time no see! How you been?
Lil Mama- I've been good! I'm one of the judges on ABDC -smiling-
Amber- OMG thats great, so when do we meet the crews?!
Lil Mama- Well first, I was gonna take you to your room where you can get ready
Amber- Ok great ! I get time to get prettied up -laughing-
Lil Mama- Haha, yes you do!

Ambers POV:
Lil Mama brought me to m room which was on the 3rd floor. I put down my stuff,hopped in the shower, put on my make-up, straightened my hair, picked out a cute outfit, and got ready.
texting Lil Mama:
Lil Mama- meet me in the lobby around 2:30-3:00
(it was already almost 2:45)
Amber- Okk,I'm omw down!
Lil Mama- Ok, ill be here!

Ambers POV:
When I got downstairs, Lil Mama was standing there waiting for me
Amber:I'm here, how do i look?!
Lil Mama- Absolutely stunning!
Amber- hope the crews like it !
Lil Mama- Oh yeah, did i tell you the ICONic Boyz are only a few doors down from you?
Me- No ! But thats a good thing-smiling-
Lil Mama- Why?-laughing-
Me- Because we can get to know eachother more,duh!-laughing-
*Lil Mama&I wentinto the studio*
Amber- Spo d we get to meet the crews yet?!
Lil MamaL Yes,if you want!
*First we met 787Crew,I.aM.mE,and Street Kingdom, but where were the ICONic Boyz?
Amber: Any idea where the Boyz are?
Lil Mama: Yeah, they should be on their way down here!
Amber: Ok, great!
*About 5mins later, I heard kids running and screaming..*
Lil Mama- I guess thats them!
Boyz- Hey Lil Mama, whos that?
Lil Mama: Oh, she's Amber my friends sister. She's gonna be here till season 6 is over and is gonna be in the same hotel as you guys.
Boyz: Oh sweet.. yeah buddy!
Amber- Excuse me, what was that? -smiling/laughing-
???- Oh nothing.
*Lil Mama left me with the boyz*
Amber- Oh, so whats your name?
???- Vinny,wbu?
Amber- I'm Amber
Vinny- Cute name
Amber- Thanks
Vinny- -smiling- but guess what?
Amber- yes? -smiling-
Vinny- You're cuter than your name-winked at her-
Amber: Really? aw-blushing-
???- Hey vinny move! We wanna meet her too!
Amber: Hey be nice-laughing- Whats your name?
???- I'm Madison-smiling-
Amber- Oh, koolio-smiling back-
Boyz- Well we gotta get to rehearsal, wanna come with us?
Amber- Sure, I'd love to !
Boyz- Ok! -all laughing-


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